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Thread: FS2002 "selection windows" size

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    Default FS2002 "selection windows" size

    On modern large PC display screens, the FS2002 "selection windows" (Create a Flight, Select a Flight, etc) appear very small, with hard-to read small fonts.

    Is there any way of enlarging the windows and/or their fonts?

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    What kind of resolution are you wanting to use? 4K, 8K?
    It theory, it should scale with no problems (since its considered "windows native") but Fs2002 was never really designed for modern hardware.

    Also, keep in mind that no matter how old the program- really high resolutions will effect your FPS but you really want to run the same resolution as your default desktop.

    BTW, <alt> <enter> will put you in full screen mode with no borders. You'll lose the aircraft preview screen in full-screen mode but its a nice trade-off.
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    I'm asking about the sizing of what I call the various "selection windows" (see above), independent of the many possible resolutions for the "flying" windows (selected via Display - Settings - Hardware), which I understand fine.

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    The sizing of the in game windows are dependent on the resolution setting of the sim, which should = your screen/monitor resolution.
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