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Thread: OK. I think I've Had it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac6737 View Post
    Thanks for your efforts.

    I changed "TOGGLE ACTIVE PAUSE" to the Pause/Break key. It does nothing, so maybe that key really is defective on my keyboard.

    Then I did what you said under MISC, and SET PAUSE ON = p, PAUSE OFF = CTRL + p.

    I don't believe I saw any difference between that "Pause" and "Active Pause." Motor keeps going.

    The motor sound does keep going, but the Pause did work for me.
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    I understand your complete frustration... My advice walk away for a few days, I've had three weeks of more crashes than flights.... I did some upgrades and now it all seems to work OK.... my only problem now are MS software bugs..... and those days are numbered as the team work there way through them....
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    Just a thought here, but has anyone experiencing these problems "optimized" their Windows 10 by removing "un-necessary" apps as recommended by some online "expert"?
    Some of these "un-necessary" apps are actually necessary to MSFS, so you're much better off with a "vanilla" Windows 10 than an "optimized" Windows 10.
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