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Thread: Article: Op-Ed: What Happened to the Flight Sim Community?

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    Default Article: Op-Ed: What Happened to the Flight Sim Community?

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    Excellent post, and thanks for ending on a positive note. I've noticed the same issues over the last couple of years in many forums and communities across many subjects, not just Flight Simulator. When I see one of these unhelpful responses, I try to provide a helpful answer in a friendly way, which gives the original poster something useful, and shows that this is a better way to behave towards each other. I know there are still plenty of great people out there - those people, as well as those who just want an honest, helpful answer, are still very much appreciated.

    And thanks for speaking out in a helpful and respectful way, free from rancor and blame. (Nice video work, too; I've seen a bunch of them )

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    Hear Hear!!!

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    Good read and very spot on. I've been thinking the same things for some time now. Better days ahead!

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    At your YouTube site, you just need to review the negative comments and delete them and also block the visitors who are corrupting the flight sim community. The more successful your YT site becomes, the more you will surely be attacked.

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    Well said Mr Yorkies World. While many folk may be getting a bit grumpy over the pandemic restrictions there are still lot's of friendly and positive people on the forums. Example:- I came across a great post on the Microsoft FS2020 forum the other day with a link to a new plugin from Logitech making their switch panel/multipanel and radios compatible with the new sim. The poster even provided a link. Result. Five minutes later my Saitek radio stack that I have been using for years with FS9 and FSX now works with FS2020 too.

    And thank you for the tip in one of your videos to use an Xbox controller for the drone cam mode. I bought one on Amazon for £16 quid. It has transformed the drone cam experience and also the external camera which can now be scrolled slowly like in previous versions of MSFS. I have subscribed to your channel and also hail from South Yorkshire. Sheffield in fact but have been living in London for many years now.

    The future of our hobby is bright with MSFS2020, Prepar3D, Xplane, DSC Word, FSX and FS9.(Yes I still use it. Brilliant sim in my humble opinion). We just have to remember to be nice to each other on the forums. My own experience has always been very positive with lot's of help available. Happy flying to you all whatever your sim of choice. Have FUN guys and gals.

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    Great article! It’s apparently like that about everything anymore. People being attacked verbally, physically and emotionally. The need to disagree, dispute things that need not be disputed, you say it’s green, they insist it’s yellow and demand you agree with them. Read a forum, watch the news, etc. it’s the state of the world!

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    Thank you for your overview of our Flightsim World and the overview of our increased temperature in the Real World. I really enjoy your videos and I for one definitely respect all who create scenery, utilities, aircraft, and traffic files for this wonderful hobby. MSFS will continue to grow and by next year at this time, my hope is we will be overwhelmed by all the choices of aircraft, scenery, and airline traffic choices. Please continue the work you do and I hope we all will learn to temper our minds and just help this platform take shape where all of us will continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

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    Nice article. I agree with tirith63, not just Flight Simulator, it's everywhere, even in the work environment. It's been a good while that i have not gone to forums for answers. With the new MSFS 2020 with no manual, it's not easy. Why my download installed on ............... drive. From day 1, liveries and sceneries started to pop up, what do i do ..............
    So i search the internet or YouTube for answers.

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    Mate, You have hit the nail on the head. It's not just flightsim but a lot of other things too. This whinging and bitching about everything these days is due to todays PC correct, braindead, moron, snowflake dopey society.
    I'm disgusted how the world has become nowadays.

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