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    This is so embarassing. Have been struggling with my joystick since i bought the game. A Microsoft sidewinder precision 2.

    After about a week i managed at least to take of and fly straight för a while anyway. But always when it comes to landing it always gets just catastrophic! Around 85 knots it starts wiggling from left to right for no reason and always ends in a crash.
    (And NO the copilot stayed on the ground.)

    As if that wasnt enough (talking about AI) recently when i finally managed to land once. What shows up on the landing strips?! Yes!.. it really looks like a firetruck? Im giving up!

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    “ it really looks like a firetruck?”

    Maybe they went expecting you to have a bad landing

    I know what you mean though. The fire & fuel trucks etc do get in the way sometimes

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    Yes it must have been so after they hade seen all my beautiful landings? 😂👍🏻

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    There are planes on the ground, but I have yet to see any moving. The sky's are empty. Nothing on ATC either.

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    I see lots of planes in the air, one or two too close! Do you have live traffic engaged?
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    Take a look in the settings menu and see what your flight model is set to. If its on Legacy that might be the problem. I had a bit of trouble that was similar to what you described. During approach or climb out, i would experience extreme banks with the plane. Once I changed it to modern it felt 1000 times better.


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    Yes I do.

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    Alright thanks i will try that! 🙂

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    Yes i have! 👍🏻

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