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Thread: Help needed please !

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    Good Luck finding the new generation of Nvidia Graphics Cards (the 3080) I watched a review of those cards and it was stated they were all sold out to scalpers who then end up putting them up on auction sights to double or triple their investment. Also watch out as in that same review it was uncovered that many of the card manufacturers used cheaper versions of power capacitors that cannot handle the load so it crashes the computer. It was also stated the Founder Series of the 3080 uses more expensive components (including those capacitors), while making the video card more expensive, it functions way better.

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    kevinfolsom, thanks for the heads up !

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    I read an article about the rtx 3080 scalpers on e-bay. Apparently, there's a loop hole where, when the auction ends, the winning bidder can opt out. It will go onto their profile as a buyer who backed out.

    But get this, people are creating new/fake buyers, bidding $10,000 ... then backing out - never intending to buy. Thus thwarting the scalpers. I've been watching e-bay on this matter and it is indeed happening. RTX 3080 cards put up for auction and within a day, someone bids $10k... then no one else bids.

    and they really only have to do this until the supply reaches the normal outlets, and the demand lessons becasue their not so rare.

    Brilliant... scamming the scammers!
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    Asus Z97-A, Intel I7-4770K, nVidia RTX2060-S, 32gb ram(1600), 3 ssd drives -4tb total, 1 nvme ssd (500gb),
    Samsung CH890-34" curved - 3440x1440 monitor, Bose Companion 5 PC speakers

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    About time the scammers are getting scammed! Wow, $10K? I think I will keep my 2080ti video card a little while longer.

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    Hi Gasman,

    Just another data point for you here. Most of your rig looks great. I also have a 5th gen i7 that does fine. I also have a recent Nvidia 2070 Super (8 GB VRAM) in the box, 16 GB of RAM, a SATA SSD, and am running at 2560x1440. I regularly get 30-50+ fps with everything running on High (except clouds which I set at Ultra). In some challenging situations, like urban areas, it drops into the high 20's. But flying the length of Manhattan at about 2500 ft I was getting 33-35 fps, which is very smooth and looks great. Your mileage may vary, but so far, so good. I fly about every day, and no real issues with the sim (except I *still* can't purchase anything from the market place -oh well).

    I also have a friend who runs a recent i5 CPU, 16 GB RAM, with a 980ti with 6 GB of VRAM, and his does quite well, too, at 1080p.

    I think your box will run the sim pretty well as-is, perhaps with most settings at High. The 4 GB of video memory might cause a stutter here or there if it needs to do some texture swapping. And as others have mentioned, a respectable internet connection will help a lot. You don't need a gigabit connection, but something above the bare minimum (that old AOL dial-up connection won't quite make it )

    Best of luck - hope it works out well!

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    Hi tirith63. Thanks for a most informative answer. I am pleased to hear that my setup might be OK in most circumstances. I'll just have to sort out a decent video card in the near future. Thanks again.

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