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    I decided after a break of 3 years to restart FS 2004, only to find my Disc4 is useless as it is badly scratched, and this is my third copy, I know there is a patch you can use so you do not need disc 4, Does anyone know is there a complete moron,s guide to installing this patch available? as I have read a few how to posts but am still completely in the dark

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    Back up everything of course, but the patch is simply a 'new' exe that you paste over the other one. Pretty simple. Just back up the complete install somewhere and kabooshka, its as easy as that.

    Now you're back in the game.

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    Have you done the FS9.1 update?
    If not, have a look here
    Run & install..

    then replace the FS9.exe (backup first) with this
    (simple copy & paste to replace)
    Obviously, no need to back-up the whole FS9 install at all!
    Nothing, apart from the original FS9.exe needs to be backed up!
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    You always have a back up, Robin! And a back up for the back up!!

    If only the Springboks had've brought a back up fly-half for the '65 tour against the Wallabies is all I'm saying...

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    LOL, indeed. The only backup I've ever had, is a basic full FS9 install on a portable drive, that I use for multiple installs as well as for copying over stuff that I'm not happy with when testing.

    If FS9 does crash, occasionally, I've found that deleting the fs9.cfg sorts most stuff out.
    Also, I have a backup of my main Scenery & Add-on scenery folders, as I have been trying to find the best base scenery textures, so I'm throwing all sorts of stuff at the sim. So far, touch wood, being FS9, it shrugs off most issues.

    Did we not beat Australia 61-22 in 1997??
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Thanks, Guy,s but I think you missed The complete moron part of my post

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    Post #3 should explain but, if you cannot understand that, here goes..
    1. Download the FS9.1 update, that's the first file in post #, then run it.

    2. Download the FS9.1 patch, the no-cd one, from the 2nd link in post #3

    3. Go to your FS2004 folder, find FS9.exe, copy it (right-click copy), then paste it into a safe folder, for example, My Documents.

    4. Double-click the file just downloaded.

    5. you will see a file called fs9.exe

    6. Drag that into your FS9 folder & Replace the existing FS9.exe.

    7. Start the sim.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrgby2 View Post
    Thanks, Guy,s but I think you missed The complete moron part of my post
    No no, we didn't miss it. We got that from the first post.

    Just that Robin conveniently forgot to mention the 1933 2nd Test win to Australia in Durban. One of those talk around the BBQ moments.

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    LOL, sorry, I thought you could not understand the instructions, hence the moron comment, so I tried, using small words to explain..

    1933 Australian win? I was not there at the time... was that the last time Australia won against us 'Bokke? Here in South Africa, we have a braai, we know not what a BBQ is!
    Cape Town, South Africa

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