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    Is there an ideal Internet Connection Speed for MSFS? Is there a profound difference between 100mbs and 500mbs when it comes to what a simmer will actually experience visual? I am asking because I am contemplating upgrading my speed....

    Thank you

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    I don't think you would gain much going from 100mbs to 500mbs in terms of sim appearance. Your download time would be shorter. The big improvement is going from 7mbs to 60mbs. I have 75mbs, and I don't see any stutters in the places I fly (I don't go to London or Atlanta, mostly heartland areas). I suspect at 100mbs, you will not have any problems anywhere.
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    I'm having no internet related issues at 100mbps with XFinity. I'm sure I'd see some 'improvement' with a pricier PC, but what I have functions well enough for now.
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