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Thread: For Those Of You With Goflight Tools !!

  1. Default For Those Of You With Goflight Tools !!

    Talked to the owner today and he says they are working on an Interface for 2020.

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    Nobody with GoFlight Modules here ?????????

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    YEAH ! Looking forward to it !

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    Maybe folk in the Cockpit Builders forum here have them? I dunno - I iz 'po' folk' and fly with the Logitech yoke and quadrant and some Thrustmaster rudder pedals -
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    I have a whole bunch of GoFlight Modules. Haven't used them in years since I moved onto Open Cockpit Hardware for my full size 737-800 cockpit.

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    I can get the buttons, switches and rotaries to worl, using FSUIPC, but it would be nice if I could use the displays on my MCP Pro, GF166's, and GF-46.

    As 3rd parties utilities are not yet capable of getting that done yet, I might as well wait and see what GoFlight comes up with.
    So far the LED displays only show dashes.

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    This is great news. I have 17 go flight modules.....yes 17. Only the throttles work, they show up in the Joystick they are programmed. But Need interface to work

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