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Thread: For Those Of You With Goflight Tools !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitrocks View Post
    There is a work around. I have all 17 of my modules working perfectly....not all assignments are correcT


    Then they're not really perfect, are they?
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    GoFlight made great hardware but I'm afraid they're done and soon to be gone. No communication or explanation from them says it all. I've been using the polypot software and have gotten my modules working as desired. There's a learning curve but it works. BTW, excellent customer support.

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    Sooo... to use hardware for sim 2020, I need to install sim 10...?!?

    That's... um wow.

    Seems strange to me they would abandon the new... considering sales and all. Maybe their own sales were abysmal, thus no money to develop new drivers?

    I guess I now have to dig up an FSX copy... not even sure I have one!

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    Default go flight controls are working

    it does seem strange to have to load FSX, with sp1 and 2, but it does work. You do not need to add any of the addon you may have, just the basic software. Then get the latest drivers for GoFlight....28*** what ever the number.

    I put a short cut to the DEVexe on my task bar, that way when I need it...after flight is loaded, I just double click, and bingo....I have all controls operational.


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