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Thread: How Do You Find Airport Codes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger1962 View Post
    As I posted earlier, you CAN enter an airport or city NAME into the Departure or Arrival window.
    A list of airports with that name (or part thereof) will drop down and you can select the one you want from the list.
    Thank you, Tiger, for telling me the in-sim answer.

    Yes, I figured you could go online and search, but that's cumbersome, too.

    Your earlier post is not completely clear about use of the mouse wheel and "dragging the map" [?], but here's what I discovered:
    You can zoom IN on the globe depicted on the home page until you're close enough that the ICAO codes pop up!! Who knew? Oh, have I mentioned there's NO MANUAL?

    I have yet to try entering the name of the airport, but my post was right after I had tried the familiar name of an airport (Beef Island) and came up short. I'll try again tonight.

    Thanks again,

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    USA Navigation maps download has a lot of the USA airport codes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energizer23 View Post
    USA Navigation maps download has a lot of the USA airport codes.
    Yes, but that wasn't my point. I'm sure the ICAO codes aren't secret. The issue is how to find a code when you are in the sim. For example: you're flying along, and a passenger goes into labor. Divert to the nearest airport, right? But how do you (a) find it, and (b) set your GPS to it? Good luck, Doc. Hope you brought your rubber gloves along.

    And, for the benefit of future readers, I have now discovered that (at least in my install of MS2020) you CANNOT enter a name of a city or an airport in the "Search" box. You have to enter the ICAO code.

    Sorry, Tiger.


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    I think you are only partly correct. If you enter a key word, it will search and list several choices. For example if I am looking for Kansas City International, if I type in Kansas City International I don't get the airport. But if I type in just Kansas, it is in the list. Kansas City works also. Now look for Harrison Field in Knox City, TX. If you put in Knox or Knox City, it is in the list.
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