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Thread: Can't steer, What happen

  1. Default Can't steer, What happen

    Tried Barron and Cessna 172, can't steer on the taxi or anywhere on airport. Just goes straight.
    Went through calibration and everything checks out. Saitek pro.

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    I Re-booted, changed airports and aircraft. Don't have rudder pedals, so that's not it. Just lost all steering. I can see the ailerons are working but not the rudder, looked everywhere for these setting.
    Upgraded to 11.5, and enabled Vulcan, but I flown since then. I'm lost. If I reinstall the 11.41 where do I find the 11.5 update file?

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    Sorry to bother . Found the problem, somehow I had the yoke on the wrong assignment, I feel like a jerk, knee jerking the way I did. Carry on.

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