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Thread: Cessna 152X mod and new patch

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    Hi, I just downloaded the new MSFS patch but now the radio stack on the 152x mod is just blank, cant see the frequencies,even adjusting the brightness knob does nothing, removed the 152x mod and the default 152 radio stack works fine, brightness knob works too. Hope its just not me. Maybe just need to wait for a 152x mod patch?

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    Same here - no dimmer capability anymore. Will be reverting back to the base 152 model for my next flights till a 152X mod is done.

    edit - I just now tried the base model 152 but my brightness knob does NOT dim the overhead light as it did with the pre-patch 152X mod..
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    Found the problem, it appears that the radio and navs are tied to the taxi light switch with the 152x mod, so just have to fly with the taxi lights on.

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    Ok more info, you must fly with taxi lights on to display com and nav radio, but they will randomly go totally dim, so you have to adjust brightness using the knob above the Alt gauge, also the dome brightness will now randomly go to full brightness, the pitot button automatically turns on and now the the fuel only flows from the left tank.

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