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Thread: Updating to X-Plane 11.5

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    Default Updating to X-Plane 11.5

    I have X-Plane 11 and was wondering how to update to 11.5? If I understand correctly, all I need to do is run X-Plane and a notice will pop up about updating. Is this correct? I have XP running all day for 3 days but did not receive a notice. Is there any other way to update without a complete uninstall, download the complete updated version to reinstall?

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    Yes, you are correct, it can be as simple as that.
    There is also an installer X-Plane 11 Installer.exe that you may already have, if not you can download it, and use that.
    I do not know what version you have presently but I keep at least 4 versions, 11.20, 11.41, 11.r1 and the latest 11.50r3 or the actual release.
    The are reasons for that but if you have 11.41 you may want keep it because it has much better texture rendering and in many cases it performs better, with lower settings, in VR.

    If the storage space is a problem, see below, for you you can retain only the Main directory and the Aircraft> Laminar>C172.. and your Custom Scenery, Scenery_Pack.ini file itself if you decide to use it later again, you can add the rest of the files to it later.

    Try this for minimum start for new install. Just copy these files, from you old install, into a new XPlane Directory and run Install.

    d----- 8/29/2020 2:37 PM Aircraft >>>>Only C172 needed
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:29 PM Airfoils >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:29 PM Custom Data >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:35 PM Custom Scenery >>> Can be empty or add Global Airports
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:36 PM Global Scenery >>> X-Plane 11 Demo Areas
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:31 PM GPUCache >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:31 PM Instructions >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:31 PM joystick configs >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:32 PM keyboard presets >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:32 PM manipulators >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:33 PM map data >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:33 PM Output >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:33 PM Resources >>>Keep all
    d----- 8/29/2020 2:34 PM Weapons >>>Can be empty
    -a---- 8/27/2020 6:41 PM 6022592 Airfoil Maker.exe
    -a---- 8/28/2020 10:04 PM 28512 Cycle Dump.txt
    -a---- 8/28/2020 10:02 PM 0 Data.txt
    -a---- 2/23/2020 9:48 PM 52360 FlyWithLua_Debug.txt
    -a---- 8/28/2020 10:04 PM 100106 Log.txt
    -a---- 8/27/2020 6:41 PM 8584128 Plane Maker.exe
    -a---- 8/29/2020 2:15 PM 33171456 X-Plane 11 Installer.exe
    -a---- 8/27/2020 6:41 PM 28291520 X-Plane.exe
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    Thank you so much for your response. I have 2TB's of storage so that won't be a problem. I will give your recommendation a try. Again, thank you for you answer.

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    I have v1.41r1 and the simulator states I have the latest version. Will I still be able to update to 11.5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinfolsom View Post
    I have v1.41r1 and the simulator states I have the latest version. Will I still be able to update to 11.5?
    I would keep a version of the 11.41, it's better than 11.50 at texture rendering, try it in a dark shady place during Sunset like steep mountain peak.
    Just make a copy of into a XP1150 directory and overwrite the 11.50.
    Yes you can update from 11.41 which is no longer the default / final. If it is not presented to you Check mark the option Beta.

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