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    Where are the patches?

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    Microsoft store. You will find updates for your products you have on the top of the screen after you click on the ... button on the top right, and then when you start MSFS after saying update, it will have the patch notes and you can download the main patch from the opening screen in the sim.

    Just a word so you don't worry either about downloads - some segments can be rather large downloads. as long as the .... are flickering after the segment of the title which is downloading, you are good. No need to worry.
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    Did you buy from the MS Store? If so then simply launch it and it’ll say there’s an update. You download about 800mb & when that’s done, launch the sim.
    The sim will then say there’s a patch & it downloads just over 15GB.

    I understand it’s a similar process through Steam

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    I got the basic patch, but no other content after entering the Sim.

    Problem here for sure, just not sure where.

    Mine is MS Store purchase. When I launched the Sim today I got notification there was a mandatory download. It opened MS Store and I was updated to version

    But no other download when the Sim loaded.

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    Thanks Steve and Johnny.I got it from Steam,but I can not launch it.I sent the computer to the suppliers but they have not had any success yet.I wondered if patches would start the sim,but many people seem to have same problem,so patches may not help.

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    Where can I download the first patch for FS2020?
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    They are automatically downloaded when you launch the sim. If you bought through the Microsoft Store, you can also go into the Store app and search for updates as well.

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