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Thread: What am I doing wrong

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    Maybe but all I know is trying to work my thrustmaster set through a Mains powered hub in Elite Dangerous doesn’t work at all well. You get all kinds of freaky ghost inputs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g7rta View Post
    It’s a question of power output. A typical device uses around 500mA, so if your hub’s power supply is say.. 3amp then in theory you could plug in 6 devices, assuming there is enough usb sockets on your hub. That is in theory. Usually 3 or 4 devices is all you can get away with.
    One thing I’ve noticed as well, is that they tend to prefer USB 2 rather than USB 3. Certainly Saitek panels do at least.

    It is a 3amp model. I have ran into that 2.0 vs 3.0 before with racing wheels. Unfortunately, my motherboard doesn't have any 2.0 inputs. It has 5x Gen 1 and 2x Gen2 3.0 Ports on back with 2 more on front of the case. Splitting them up did the trick. No more sudden spinning or diving.

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