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Thread: I'm not a pilot but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallcott View Post
    Why do you think I suggest a REAL Flight?

    NOTHING beats the expeerience. And now you can fly in the new-fangled electric aircraft the cost is more than reasonable...
    Pipistrel (and Pilot magazine) are reporting electric-powered flight at £1 per hour!
    Costs with maintenance between £6-7 an hour.

    Any whingeing excuses for NOT flying?

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    I think what you are asking is how to create a "real" flight plan using the Garmin 1000. The Garmin will show you a path to take to the airport and even the approach to the runway. It will bring you around and line you right up with the runway. I am just starting to Learn on the Garmin 530 (I ordered one for my sim set up but still on back order) , but I can jump into the Cessna 172 (not with the glass Cockpit) and until my Garmin comes in, I can zoom in onto the 530 and use my mouse to set up a flight plan. You even pick your runway and vector. It's made for IFR (instrument flight reference) . Someone else said YouTube is your friend, well they are 100% right!!! Go to YouTube and type in "how to use thw Garmin 530" and or how to set up a flight plan using the Garmin 530.
    That should get you started.
    Good luck and happy flying

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