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Thread: Is It CH Rudder Peddles, Or Me...

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    Remember THIS IS A SIM and not something that you should apply to Real life. The fact that you are having difficulty with the sim is Not and indicator that you cannot fly in Real life.
    Things to remember, Settings No Wind, No Gusts, No Thermals, When you set up your Jstick, in addition to use the settings I mentioned before try to move your stick just slightly, in the last step, after it asks you to leave centered, to give you a wider dead / null zone, you may get a message about it, just ignore it.
    On the approach on glide path, use an airport that has the lights, PAPI VASi.. get set up for about 1500 RPM at 65 KIAS, full flaps with a descent rate of about 300 FPM and Wait until you get very close to surface than just pull the nose / pitch the top of cowl to just the end of the runway, reduce power to Idle, basically level and Wait on the center line just control it with the Rudder, HEELS on the floor, just have your toes on the bottom of the pedals, very very lightly and Wait.... let the plane slow down by itself, No Brakes if you run out of runway you need to adjust your settings next time, the plane should slow down / stop by itself before the end of a 4-5000 Ft runway and only when it's at 0 Zero indicate airspeed move your feet up and use the Rudder / Brakes.
    Post a pic of the your inside the cockpit view of the acft. I hope you are using something like a C172, you should be able to just see the top of cowl.
    Trust me it's not Rocket since but you have to be patient the sim takes a lot longer than real life acft to respond and settle to a proper state, by about a factor of 3. Be patient, if you get uncomfortable with where you are put on pause P and make sure you are properly set up.
    You can Save a .sit where you are about 10 SM and practice that multiple times, to have enough time to get set up and Remember the numbers and get stabilized, using the RPM>VSI>Glide path.

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    flytv1...I will try again...tonight...KLAS >KEDW...

    Nice trip, BTW...over mountains, etc. default scenery doesn't due the terrain justice.

    I'll let you know how it goes...Thanks

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    Well, flytv1...I did it. It wasn't pretty but I seems like I was over-controlling all along. Just the tiniest bit of rudder pressure kept the plane straight. It was so tiny, it seemed like I was applying almost no rudder at all. So, there we have it. Thank you so much...Maybe I'll see you on YouTube someday....

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    For it's vaunted realistic flight characteristics I don't find that the X-Plane 172 flys anything like a real airplane. It's like driving and old car with bad steering. Inputs react slowly so you over react and set up wild oscillations. Would never have gotten my PPL if my trainer handled this way. Oh well I have nothing better to do and no animals were harmed by my wild antics. I learned how to fly and then to sail so I'll figure this out. However I would be totally lost if I didn't already have some idea what's going on. Progress not perfection.
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