Hello all - a friendly warning.

I recently purchased Dauntless Software "SimPlates" PC version for GBP £31 (USD $40). Shortly afterwards, I received an unsolicited email purporting to be from Dauntless offering an iPad version at discount, as follows (my emphasis):

...what wed like to do which is to give a discount on the app for existing users. So, weve done the next best thing which works out to pretty much the same for this introductory period, weve discounted the price of the app from what will be its full retail price
Dauntless Software, 7th September 2020
The current price on the App Store is £39 (USD $51) - a 25% price *increase* on the PC version, not discount.
I wrote to Dauntless requesting clarification and received an email contradicting the unsolicited marketing offer as follow (my emphasis):

... we explictly do not offer a discount for the ios app in that or any other email or in any other way.
Dauntless Software, 8th September 2020
The email went on to state:

Your issue may presently be marked as "resolved" or "closed" in our system even though it may not yet be fully resolved to your satisfaction. Please don't panic if you see this. "Resolved" and/or "closed" simply mean we at the Dauntless helpdesk have taken your issue as far as we can at this time given the information available to us. However, if necessary, we will certainly be happy to continue the conversation with you as necessary. You are by all means welcome to communicate further even on 'resolved' issues through the helpdesk system, including by providing additional information.
which I did. This prompted the following message from Dauntless, reproduced in full:

Unfortunately, due to persistent violations of propriety and/or terms of service, this system will no longer accept messages from you. Attempts to be 'clever' such as by changing your email address or contacting us in other ways will likewise be (most likely) ignored and/or (if warranted) referred to authorities and/or your employer or educational institution as and if appropriate, so don't bother. Your IP address and other identifying information have been logged and will continue to be logged.
As far as I can tell, Dauntless are perpetrating an attempt via unsolicited "spam" marketing to solicit Apple App Store purchases on the basis of fictitious offers of a discount, in clear violation of Apple's App Store policies.

You will no doubt wish to make your own mind up about whether to deal with a company that offers fictitious discounts, invites communication, then issues the threat of referral to authorities to routine enquiries.

Regarding the product itself, in my view it is vastly overpriced for the utility. The iPad version currently has a rating of 1 star.