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Thread: Can't find .exe file location

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    Default Can't find .exe file location

    I have MSFS 2020 installed. Most of my key mapping has been painless. I have several USB peripherals.

    One of them is a contour shuttle which will send programmed keystrokes as if from a keyboard. It has approx 15 buttons and two dials and would be fantastic fantastic for radio tuning and GPS.

    Unfortunately, to configure it you need to know where the flight sim exe file is so you can point to that file. I dont need access to the file , just need to know the address

    It seems that if you purchased from Steam, it is not a problem. The files are not hidden. If you purchased from the Microsoft store the files and folders are hidden and you dont have access. A little frustrated as the Steam purchasers have full access but Microsoft customers do not.

    Any solutions??


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    Hey Steve,

    The files are located in 'C:\Program Files\WindowsApps' or on another drive if you selected that during install (mine is installed on the E Drive). The WindowsApps folder is hidden but also locked down with some extra security. I'll share a link with steps to get access. I do want to caution you if you're not careful you can mess things up. So small disclaimer, be careful! Depending on how familiar you are with Windows, consider asking someone with more knowledge to come help you.


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    For those of you who can find the .exe... what is it's exact name, please?

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    I can easily take ownership of the Winapps folder. There seem to be cautions about doing this on the net. Is there any downside to taking ownership or effects on other programs in the files. I just want to be able to point another program to the executable so that I can set up a config file for my Contour shuttle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stempski View Post
    For those of you who can find the .exe... what is it's exact name, please?
    It's FlightSimulator.exe and it's in a folder named Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.7.14.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe in WindowsApps.
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    Thanks David for the How to link
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    That's a lot of trouble to go thru to view the WIN-APPS folder - you have to wonder why MS would want to bury it so deep in the woods...

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    I wonder why they buried it at all in the MS store version only! They didn't in the Steam version, its readily accessible. Makes no sense why they would only make it inaccessible to a portion of the installed base.


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    Still can't find the .exe file. I can find the Windows Ap folder and several folders and files, but nothing that says it's an .exe file.... found the .cfg and many others but not an .exe Am i missing something?

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    it is on disk 1..
    you need it all the time. (each use of MSFS)
    like in MSFS 2000.
    But for that .exe there was a patch.

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