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Thread: Question for any recent Windows XP users

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    As I said, I'm not getting OOM's, & I'm also using the 4GB patch from

    This very little tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms. This tool comes very handy for applications which need a great amount of virtual memory like games, 3D renderization, multimedia etc. To gain these 2GB, you just have to use this tool to patch the executable (*.exe file) of the software you want to have these additional GBs of virtual memory.
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    I've heard about that little patcher before, but thought it would be of little use since FS already uses 4 GB. It appears that in fact 32 bit coded programs use 2 GB and 2 GB is used for the system.

    Now I patched the FSX.exe file and checked the patched version against a backup and both SHA256 bit hashes were the same. Meaning the FSX.exe file was not changed at all, i.e no flag set. Then I patched the FS9.exe file and checked the backup and the patched file hashes and they WERE changed. So the new FS9.exe was indeed patched as it should be with the flag.

    Now reading here I see now why my FSX.exe file was not patched as I thought it would be. SP2 already did it! So to those that think this little 4 GB patcher will work for FSX SP2, you're wrong.

    So no going back to what I said about my own OOM encounter which was in FSX SP2, it happened, even though the .exe had the flag already set due to SP2. The core game code was just not meant for x64 systems and there in lies the issue. The new FS2020 will without a doubt, and will take advantage of more than one CPU thread and the GPU. Not so with FS2004, FSX, probably FS2002 and going waaaaay back to 95 as well. These Sims are quite old.

    So again, it's all about add-on management and what you have installed and what plane and its complexity you're flying. That WILL have an effect on whether you encounter an OOM or not. It happened to me with 16 GB of RAM, Windows 7 64. You may have to practice scenery management.

    Don't take it for me. That PMDG article was published by the research of FSX community member Srdan “Kosta” Kostic.

    And this is what happens when you're smarter than the rest. And it's happened to me on MANY, MANY forums all across the Internet.

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    About that EULA crap. Yeah, there isn't a kid in the whole wide world of dirt (Earth) that doesn't violate the Prepar3d EULA on a day by day basis.

    "Your Honor, toss the case for frivolous nonsense."
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    Dual Boot. SSDs are pretty cheap nowadays.
    One Drive Win 10 and the other Win7
    One machine , one monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markg55 View Post
    Dual Boot. SSDs are pretty cheap nowadays.
    One Drive Win 10 and the other Win7
    One machine , one monitor.
    You need Win 7 compatible hardware to do that.
    Mark Daniels

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