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Thread: CH Products Flight Sim Yoke - some buttons stopped working - broken wire?

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    Default CH Products Flight Sim Yoke - some buttons stopped working - broken wire?

    For many years, I have been using my trusty CH Products Flight Sim Yoke.

    Recently however, these 4 buttons (see picture) would only work when I turned the aileron axis to the right. Later they stopped working completely (Left / right fire, aileron trim buttons).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since the wires were attached quite tightly via cable binder, I suspect a broken common ground wire, which affects these 4 buttons.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Did anyone experience a similar issue and would have a clue about which wire is most likely damaged / broken?

    Everything else still works like a charm (with regular maintenance).

    Your kind help is appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    Get a multi-tester to diagnose if you have a broken wire.

    Probe the backside of the connector that plugs into the circuit board and make a list of what color wire is for each button.

    Start with the buttons that you know work. Then you could narrow down what wire may be broken.
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    Hate to resurrect this, but I have the EXACT same issue with a yoke I just purchased, except those buttons only work with the yoke turned left.

    Did you ever find a resolution?

    I'm perfectly comfortable with some disassembly and repairs, but would prefer not to go in blind.

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