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Thread: Who has given up on fs2020?

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    Aaron, I love your work, very much appreciated. If you are telling me that I can't add custom sound files to the new sim then this is another reason to not jump in just yet. I will stay with FSX... and your great sounds!
    Best regards,
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    I've given up on FS2020 yet again. I keep hoping it works. But each time I come back to try it it lets me down. Today I tried a flight from KSAN to KRNO in the A320 mod. Perfect flight up until the autopilot levels me out at 10K ft about 60 miles from KRNO. Then the plane immediately turns sharply too the right and nose dives into the ground. This is the 2nd time since August this has happened. But each time it's some new problem with this sim. I am going to shelve it for the next few moths or even a year and go back to FS9 again. FS9 just works even though it isn't a scenery simulator like this new game.

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    I run FS9, P3D 4.5 and FS2020. Depending on my mood.
    I am good.

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    The game and it's download files are just astonomically too big. I gave up on the game when I had to download a gigantic update that took up nearly my whole SSD and it just "fixed the clouds". Really, with all the issues everyone is having, you're worried about how the clouds look. Or my favorite was when I landed and there was a graphical glitch in the terrain (on the runway) that caused my plane to crash. I like how they just painted the runway and taxiways over the rough terrain to make it look like a runway without smoothing the surface. Nothing like trying a widebody across a corn field. Super disappointed in the developers in this one. Sad to say the game they released over a decade earlier is better than the latest and greatest.

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    What you are experiencing is not a graphics glitch in the program. You have a slow data retrieval component somewhere. This will create what appear to be cracks or humps in the runway. It may be your ISP is slow, or you may be running on a HDD. It is possible very slow memory might also be a problem. The issue is well documented. This sim uses a HUGE amount of data.
    I have never experienced this as i have a reasonably fast ISP and a fast M.2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher12 View Post
    People were jumping way too early. Crazy, crazy stuff!
    Just did my first flight in FS9 in 3 months, been busy, what a blast it was! Total enjoyment beginning to end.

    My advice is to look at what makes you happy and be happy. Let others struggle along for years to come while you just have a great time flying planes in your flight sim.

    Edit: Oh, and not a single issue at all during my FS session! None. Zip. Just total enjoyment.
    I'm right there with you Mark... I always enjoy every single flight on my beloved FS9 simulator. It runs perfectly, looks absolutely beautiful due to all the advances in addons thru the decades, and it runs like silk. FS9 will always be my favorite!
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    I would think that if you gave up on this sim you would'nt even be on this forum.What's the sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomavis View Post
    I would think that if you gave up on this sim you would'nt even be on this forum.What's the sense?
    Just opened the first five topics in the FS9 forum and there are posts in all five by users who don't use FS9.
    Maybe people visit other forums or are they not allowed???
    Mark Daniels

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCub View Post
    I'm right there with you Mark... I always enjoy every single flight on my beloved FS9 simulator. It runs perfectly, looks absolutely beautiful due to all the advances in addons thru the decades, and it runs like silk. FS9 will always be my favorite!
    FS9 was my favorite too, years ago. Then FSX came along and I enjoyed it even more, for over a decade. With add-ons like Ultimate Terrain, it was a terrific flight simulator-- and still is, within its limits. But for me, when MSFS appeared a year ago it blew them all away, and it is getting better all the time. We all have our favorites, and that's good. I have certainly found mine, and there is no going back.

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    Most new and veteran flight simmers do not want to learn the intricacies of software and hardware. Their lack of knowledge frustrates them. Every hour of exploring the maze of set-up is resented. They want to fly; to learn navigation; to explore; and for overall to experience pleasure. FS2020 was to be the golden grail and now after only a short time, disappointment has set in. It turns out that it’s the same Christmas tree with shinier ornaments. If I were in charge (how many times have you heard that?) I would specify the EXACT controls/systems hardware necessary to run my flight sim—require that customers buy them (if you can’t afford them, well, …) such that installation and flying away would simply be to connect your new controllers and stuff--that is specified--and push “GO “and fly away. As for add-ons, the program makers would demand they be plug-and-go and if you don’t know how to do that take up another trade. Lastly, I would want to attract new flyers and to woo away those using other flight sims. Many of these have PTSD and are afraid of changing ANYTHING (if it ain’t broke…). So I would have a great operator’s manual and support team in place, at least for the first year with the assumption that the customer is technically incompetent. In other words, make the experience of purchasing, set-up, and running the software easy. I don’t see that happening for many years to come. Lastly (I know) to all you techies, electronics technicians, and software writers who boast here, “I had no problems and love FS2020”, we’re impressed and happy for you.
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