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Thread: Who has given up on fs2020?

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    Wouldn't we all! (chuckle!)
    Actually, that sort of shake-and-bake solution exists - they are called FAA certified training devices. Special pro version of FSX (P3D usually) or XP11; special panel and control hardware; completely dedicated, totally off-line computer; multi-screen visual. Nothing can be altered in any way without voiding the FAA certification, but as long as that cert is in force, you can log some or all of the events for various requirements.

    Just spent 2 weeks instructing on this sort of thing, and one of them broke! Happens to the best of them....

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    You nailed it. The challenge is the millions of combinations of hardware, operating system configuration, simulators and add-ons, combined by the being controlled by people who don't understand their systems.

    Unfortunately, the alternative is a much more limited system that costs about ten times as much.



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    If anything, I am more interested in MSFS than ever before. Why you ask? I went to the FSExpo for the day yesterday and I would say the majority of booths were running MSFS for their demos. It was fun to try out all the latest hardware (and there was a lot), using MSFS as the platform. This gave me a big "booster" shot in the arm to fire up MSFS and do some simming today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
    Most new and veteran flight simmers do not want to learn the intricacies of software and hardware. Their lack of knowledge frustrates them. Every hour of exploring the maze of set-up is resented. They want to fly; to learn navigation; to explore; and for overall to experience pleasure. FS2020 was to be the golden grail and now after only a short time, disappointment has set in. It turns out that it’s the same Christmas tree with shinier ornaments. If I were in charge (how many times have you heard that?) I would specify the EXACT controls/systems hardware necessary to run my flight sim—require that customers buy them (if you can’t afford them, well, …) such that installation and flying away would simply be to connect your new controllers and stuff--that is specified--and push “GO “and fly away. As for add-ons, the program makers would demand they be plug-and-go and if you don’t know how to do that take up another trade. Lastly, I would want to attract new flyers and to woo away those using other flight sims. Many of these have PTSD and are afraid of changing ANYTHING (if it ain’t broke…). So I would have a great operator’s manual and support team in place, at least for the first year with the assumption that the customer is technically incompetent. In other words, make the experience of purchasing, set-up, and running the software easy. I don’t see that happening for many years to come. Lastly (I know) to all you techies, electronics technicians, and software writers who boast here, “I had no problems and love FS2020”, we’re impressed and happy for you.
    There is a lot of truth in what you say. Every so often someone considering buying MSFS writes to this forum (and others) asking for advice: should they buy it? The stock advice that I offer, which is hardly original, is that MSFS requires four things for success: some basic familiarity with PCs; a decent system (not high-end but reasonably fast); a willingness to spend time learning; and a lot of patience and perseverance, because MSFS is a work in progress and needs to be understood as such. For those who don't possess all four, MSFS is not recommended; at least for now, they should stick with an older flight sim, and indeed some do. Hopefully, in time MSFS will be refined to the point that the last requirement can be relaxed. But that may take a while. In the interim, I am personally willing to deal with the glitches (especially involving new updates) because the rewards in this sim are far beyond anything I ever expected to see.

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