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Thread: Saitek flight yoke calibration : cannot calibrate pitch and roll

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    Default Saitek flight yoke calibration : cannot calibrate pitch and roll

    Except for the pitch and roll calibrations, all other buttons are being recognized, including throttle quadrant.

    Only these 2 axes are not being recognized.

    I turned on the Data for the 2 axes on X-plane so that I can see what is being output when I fly the plane. Nada. No data is coming through. So I can't use the yoke.

    When I googled around for this issue, I noticed that others also have had this issue. But they were all old posts like 3 years old. And nobody had managed to resolve the issue.

    To double check, I downloaded the Flight Configuration software from Logitech's website. I loaded the X-plane config. Again here as well, all buttons I can configure except the 3 axes.
    I'm using Mode 1 on the Flight Yoke.

    I'm currently using a joystick but want to really transition to the Yoke.

    Any help would be much much appreciated. The yoke has been sitting unused forever. High time I found a solution.

    I'm on Windows 10, Xplane 11

    Note : I tried it on a different PC with the same results.

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    Default Saitek Yoke

    I had problems with my Saitek stuff but I put the drivers for it in and that was a no no . I just put the Saitek stuff in no drivers at all and away I went .

    X Plane is a chore for sure .

    Hope this helps Avitec

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    My understanding is that it's plug and play with no separate drivers to install. Could it be that you have a defective yoke? If you look at reviews across the board on all electronic equipment you will find that there is always an average of around about 10 with only 1 star or a 10 have a totally defective rate and about a third have something wrong and only get two or three stars. Newegg tonight that had a defective 8GB stick and G.Skill is top rated.
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