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Thread: MSFS Manual

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    My first reactions were the same. However, Microsoft has been delivering commercial software for many years now without including manuals, so to condemn them for doing it with this one is hardly fair. And not only Microsoft have been going this way - many commercial software products arrive with no manual, and no alternative available.
    From Microsoft;
    • Windows 7, 8 and 10
    • Office since about 2010
    • Visio since about 2010
    • Visual Studio
    • Access

    from other venders:
    • Many (if not all) do not boast a manual

    Most commercial anti-virus manufacturers

    the list goes on.

    So, I decided early on that I would purchase the SoFly manual, and TBH I've been most impressed with the scope and quality of their publication. And the number of updates, that have tended to match major released of the Sim - AT NO EXTRA COST.
    Does it cover absolutely everything? No, it doesn't, but it covers the items that are going to be of most interest to the average fan, and also for MOST of the aficionados, as well.
    As of today's date, it is in release 1.90, and contains 272 pages - well up from the original 120 pages.
    Is it worth while? Well, it certainly has been for me.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The TOC from the latest version will give you a feel for what is in there. I trust that posting this is OK with SoFly. Otherwise, mods please trim this image out. Thank you.
    John Glossop

    Lapsed FSX scenery developer

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    I also bought the SoFly manual, the day after I loaded up MSFS. Read thru the first revision pretty much entirely, now use it as a handy reference. Not perfect, but it does a great job...highly recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjl345 View Post
    Thanks for the tip. I upgraded my computer, bought MSFS, downloaded it (tried to) but there was a power outing (wind) and still 62 GiB are missing. You can't resume and it's now stuck in the updating. Been retrying for 9 days now. If it doesn't work in the next hours I'll ask for a refund (so helps me Gosh), and willl be back to recover my faithful FSX.

    Bst rgds.

    Now have it installed and running, missing what everybody else is missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
    FSX, or at least the version I have, came with a printed manual and a separate quick reference guide. That of course was in the days when software came in boxes instead of via download. The manual was not as extensive as the book SoFly offers, but at least you had something you could refer to.
    I have de FS Deluxe Edition (2 DVDs) with a Quick reference and Insider information. First one containing even an illustration of the joystick and its functions, all of them enough to have you in full command in almost no time at all. But now, the commercial part "took over" and I promise never ever again buy a MS simulator, or plane or train or whatever. Regards.

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