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Thread: Saitek/Logitech panels not working with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

  1. Default Saitek/Logitech panels not working with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    I have been a plane simulator fan for many years now. I am a user of FSX Steam, FSW, Aerofly FS and, last but not least, my favourite X-Plane 11. For flying, I sometimes use Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X and, most of all, Saitek/Logitech equipment.

    I was so enthusiastic about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that I decided to buy it the first day it came out. It was stunning and I was so happy with it. „State-of- the-art simulator and a new era of sim flying,” I thought. Everything was great until I tried to switch on my Saitek/Logitech panels:

    * Logitech G Pro Flight Radio Panel
    * Logitech G Pro Flight Switch Panel
    * Logitech G Pro Flight Multi Panel
    * Logitech G Pro Flight Instrument Panel

    To my disappointment and dismay, none of them works. ☹😢

    I started looking for the solution on various forums and it turned out that the Simulator does not support the equipment!

    It also turned out that I am one of the many, many disappointed and frustrated simmers. At the present moment, I will certainly discourage my fellow simmers from buying Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as it is more a pretty toy game than a simulator and I will get back to X-Plane 11, as it is so user friendly.

    I do hope that the people responsible for this issue will do something about it, because I would really like to take advantage of all the wonderful features of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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    Presumably (& hopefully) they will add support for these in one of the updates.

    In the mean time you can use ( I’ve been using it for my panels. It’s not perfect though & I haven’t had everything working. I have also read somewhere of other alternatives which are supposed to work. Maybe someone else here can provide more info


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    I haven't, as yet, got round to the issue of the Saitek panels, which I've valued enormously with FSX, using SpadNext as the driver/interface. But firing up SpanNext now, it (of course) doesn't recognise the new FS20 so it can't connect.
    So, can we expect/hope that SpadNext will provide an update/patch?

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    IHello, don't be so disapointed with that problem, there are other more ennoying... I use SPADNEXT, wich allows my switch and multi panels Saitek-logitech to work correctly, providing you just register the plane you use in the SPAD profile. Just some issues with starting the engines, the start switch works, but sometimes the engine(s) don't really fire, a quick Ctrl+e solves the glitch. Good luck, fly safe(and fun)

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    FlyerDoc: I use SPADNeXt registered and it did recognize FS on the spot, there are even specific FS assignments for the buttons or switches. Hope you can solve that.

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    Flyer Doc: Sorry, I forgot to say that SPADNeXt did propose updates wich popped up on my screen few days ago. I did let them install, it might have been what you need.Good luck

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    That's great, thanks. Yes, SpadNext have an update that now connects the Saitek panels to FS20

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    I urge you good to check it the largest forum thread at Microsoft Flight Simulator forums under peripherals.

    It's a Sim connect issue, Logitech have no desire to create drivers so we have to rule them out.

    Simconnect which connects everything to the Sim as it's the only API will need to be fixed, Asobo and Microsoft are well aware of this as their partner VATSIM connects the same way.

    I suggest checking out the thread and also checking out Axis and Ohs software by lorby. Oliver is active in the forums and had taken the time limit away from his software, who allowed the panels to work, cheaper than spad and he had a desktop version of the FIPs which is in it's own with it's weight in gold.

    As I said it's now a Sim connect issue and that needs to be fixed to remove all stuttering etc but it works perfectly out of the box.


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    I have SPAD.Next, and although it is a great piece of software, it causes unbearable stuttering of MSFS. :-(
    Best regards,

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    I too am sitting on 3 Saitek panels that don’t work. Very disappointed.

    I emailed Logitech about support for Saitek Panels and got this in response…

    “Due to unforseen changes between the Alpha and final versions of Flight Simulator, updated support for the Flight Panels has been delayed until September”.

    I then pressed her (Carmel) to confirm that they are working on the issue and she replied with…

    “Yes. You can send us a follow up so we can send you an update if there’s already plugins available for MFS2020. Currently there’s no more information provided aside from the email we sent previously”.

    There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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