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Thread: MSFS Known Issues

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    Ok so this is my new problem with msfs2020. First off I love msfs2020, I am not a hater at all. I fly the c-172 mostly because that is what I fly in real life.
    So here is the problem. Let's say I take a flight, does not matter where, just from point a to point b. IFR flight , If I use the autopilot and I am landing rnav or an ils approach, before I touch down I take it off autopilot, flair up a little and touch down. All goes very well.
    Now I go to take off again (Manual no autopilot) and my trim goes crazy. It either goes way up or way down without me even touching it. This happens everytime now.
    So I have to not only exit out of that flight but reset the whole simulator.
    Is that happening to anyone else ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvensmith View Post
    Again no mention of revisiting the default aircraft physics which are causing the control issues most of us are having.
    If the Flight Model in the Options Menu is set to "Legacy" it will cause the planes to fly like the pilot downed a bottle of Russia's finest along with a handful of Valium. It should be set to "Modern". I am referring to the Flight Model in the Options Menu, not in the aircraft itself. Maybe that helps.

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    That is because "legacy" was meant to be used with aircraft which use old flight dynamic parameters from FSX. "Modern" is used with the default aircraft, because they define the flight model differently. If you use "legacy" for the defaults, there are no flight parameters defined to allow them to fly properly.
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