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Thread: Virtual Airlines and their thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ussmidway View Post
    I went to the link to his VA he provided and there was no 'ideology' requirement to join. So, not sure what Luke is talking about. JSMR is the one who hijacked this thread by taking it political. If someone is triggered by an avatar, PM the member and discuss it there. Stay on topic.
    Thank you

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    First, thank you ALL for hours of fun just reading what others are doing in flight sim! I've never been in a VA organization, but reading thru all these posts it seems to me we have again captured in the simulator and community a slice of real life. As in the virtual world, airlines are quickly born, die, merge, disappear. Pilots are judged: is a landing good if everyone walks away, 1 walks away, etc. Can you be a good pilot, a chief pilot even, and fly from Greece to Prague on one engine? Or slide off a cliff? Amazing how the threads about virtual airlines bear so much resemblence to comment threads at Aviation Herald and the like. Love it!!!

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