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    I'm using the Usio No Ibuki ships to make my Scenery Aircraft Carrier Fleets where my AI Aircraft land and take off from.

    Those ships, once made into scenery, have an original feature : all their turrets, range-finders and some other stuff keep spinning round, the turrets horizontally and the guns vertically, which looks rather weird.

    Is there any way to fix this issue ?

    Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


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    I feel a little drained and won't dive into this. But some extra info would be helpful for those who do.

    -what ship do you mean exactly. & site you downloaded it from please.

    -did you install this ship as moving traffic. For example with a traffic plan you made with "Aibtc.exe". (AI Boat Traffic Compiler).

    Or is the ship installed as a static scenery. (turned the model into a an object and installed it as you would install an airport. (Which usually means no 'Cats' or 'Arrestor Cables' available.)(not an install method I'm familiar with)).

    Wow. Loads of brackets! Hope that bit wasn't to confusing.
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    No, not confusing.

    All Usio No Ibuki Ships can be found here :

    I got all mine, i.e. Yamato, Kongo, Nelson, Dunkerque, etc, and the carriers I needed from this site.

    My ships are installed as static sceneries on various locations. I have three Japanese fleets, 3 American fleets, one French fllet and one German fleet.

    Hope this helps.

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    Usio built his ships for M$ CFS2. That feature works in CFS2 when an enemy object is near. I have some of his on FSX and have not encountered this problem. Have you converted these models yourself?


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    Yes, I converted them with MDLC on Windows XP (MDLC doesn't work on Win 7 or 10) and imported the resulting BGL with ModelConverterX to get the FSX MDL file, which I then used for my sceneries. I do not have XP anymore so I can no longer do it, I'm on Win 10.

    How did you get yours in FSX ? You don't have the issue I have so I'm curious.

    Thank you for answering my thread.


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