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Thread: MSFS2020 Installation

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    Default MSFS2020 Installation

    I have ordered Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for PC.
    It will be available for download on the 18th of August.
    It needs 150 Gb of space on disk.

    I wonder if it will be possible to install it on any disk or on the C:-drive only.
    I have limited free space on C: (40GB), but a lot of free space on E: or F:...

    Please advise.

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    Yes, you will be able to install it on any disc where you’ve got space.

    There will be small download first (which will go on your c drive)
    .. & then the main installation, for which you’ll be able to browse/select a location


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    Thanks Steve, quite a relief for me!

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    That is very welcome news!

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    After installing the sim to where ever you want, the download cache is also completely configurable inside the options menu, again to whichever drive you want.
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    A related and hopefully not a "dumb" question.
    When I pre-ordered MSFS2020 yesterday, I received a confirmation message and on the top right side of the message, there was a link that stated, "Download/Play". I clicked on it, but could do nothing with it, so presumably that's because I need to wait until August 18th.
    Does this make sense and has anyone else experienced this?

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    When I click it, it says “you’re too early” (or something like that)


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    Indeed it does. As it is being launched on the 18th, you obviously cannot play or download it until then.
    Pre-ordering does not let you jump the q!
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    Thanks Steve & Robin.
    I thought I had messed something up!!
    We Canadians are always trying to follow the rules.


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