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Thread: PC stuck in Raid & can’t acc as BIOS. Help please!

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    Default PC stuck in Raid & can’t acc as BIOS. Help please!

    Hi, I have an Asus Strix Z270 motherboard & I was trying to install an M.2 drive

    Somehow while in the bios I must have switched on Raid mode.
    When I try to boot, you get the usual “press DEL or F2 for bios” but this isn’t doing anything.
    Except I then get “press ctrl+I” - this only appears for a second. If I press it I get the raid menu.
    It’s stuck in a loop

    Can anyone help, please

    Thank you

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    Not sure of the cause and the 'normal' solution.

    What always works as last report is this.
    Shut down the pc. Unplug the 'wall power' AC power cable.
    Press the 'start pc' button several times to make sure residual power is drained from the mainboard.
    Open the case.
    Find the mainboard 'reset bios' jumper and use it to reset the bios. (On some boards it's a reset button instead of a jumper.).
    Leave the jumper in place for about a minute. Then put it back in it's original position.
    If the mainboard has no reset button or jumper you can do the same reset by removing the mainboard battery and placing it back after a minute or so.

    Close case. Connect power cable. Start pc. Done.

    The bios is now reset to default values. Some biosses will after a reset also have the saved configurations available as well. (for example if you saved your 'perfect overclock' config.)

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    Oh thank you so much!
    I’ve been panicking. I’ve even just been out and bought a cheap wired keyboard, in case y wireless one was the reason I couldn’t get into the bios.
    I found the jumper & did as you said.
    I am now in the bios!

    Update: all sorted and my new M.2 drive is working too.

    Thanks again for your help! You don’t know how stressful these last three hours have been

    Best regards
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    Very glad to hear you are up and running again!
    Those can be scary those moments.
    Happy Flights!

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