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Thread: MSFS2020 - Multi core CPU?

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    Just wondered if anyone knows, categorically, whether MSFS utilises multi core CPUs properly, or whether it’s all about clock speed? I aim to build a new system, and would love to go the Ryzen route, but if it comes down to clock speed, like every other sim out there, I shall have to stick with Intel.

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    The test videos do give a substantial advantage to Intel/Nvidia set up at the point of test which was a pre-release version. It was mentioned that there were efforts to optimize for AMD products in the works, but it was about a 25% advantage to Intel on that test setup??

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    Oh, bugger! That’s disappointing. Thanks for the heads-up though. At least I know which path to follow.

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    Ryzen will be fine, the GPU is however very important.
    Get the best one you can afford.

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    Forget about the limitations of clunky FSX (2006) regarding multicore. FS2020 is a modern application that will leverage everybit of new hardware. Intel/Nvidia or AMD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgm View Post
    Ryzen will be fine, the GPU is however very important.
    Get the best one you can afford.
    I agree. A half decent processor is going to be just fine.
    What is more important is that you have a SSD, a decent graphics card, and a decent amount of RAM, 16GB I would say should be minimum with 32GB recommended.

    The good news is that the RAM and SSD are relatively cheap.

    The GPU though will be the most expensive component in your PC.
    If you can wait a month or two before upgrading a GPU I would do so. With NVIDIA about to release their RTX3000 series of cards, and AMD closely following behind with their Big NAVI cards its likely that graphic cards that are currently on the market will drop in price. If there ever was a chance of NVIDIA getting into a price war this is likely to be it.

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    Thanks each. Although I am aware of the importance of a powerful GPU, it was the CPU, specifically, that I was querying. I’m currently waiting for the 3080s to drop, and will then compare to AMD’s latest. But that’s any easy upgrade. Regarding the CPU, obviously that dictates which motherboard I can use, so that’s my main focus.

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