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Thread: Article: Flight Simulator 2020 First Impressions

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    When you switched views in the video, I thought I saw some streaks appear on the right side of the windshield as you switched to VC mode. What was that about and was that supposed to happen? I did notice the scenery at Inverness and I assume that is the default scenery and not an enhanced airport. Very good when compared to FSX or P3d. I did notice some taxiway lights out of position at Inverness, but that is really not a big deal. It is a great looking sim.
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    WOW everything is great, and I preordered 119.95 cause i don't want to have uninstall & reinstall problems like Prepar.
    What disturbs me though this is Microsoft Flight Sim, Made in the US close to where they build Boeing Aircraft, Airbuses is mostly what I see on Utube previews. I have to be missing something for sure. Where is the pic scenery of Pane?
    Somebody will show it. dcmair

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    Some of these in flight shots certainly do look “As Real As It Gets”. This new sim is going to keep us very busy in the fall!

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    Do you have the Premium Deluxe version? It would be interesting to see the value in the Premium Deluxe by flying the Cessna Citation Longitude from KRAP to KCOD. The approach into KCOD is particularly difficult. That is also a very scenic flight, with Mt Rushmore and Devil's Tower along the way (probably not much to see from 32,000 feet).

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    What viewing system are you using when panning around in cockpit and externally? Is it TrackIR or some inbuilt viewing option? Are you using the keyboard or a controller for positioning the view as it seems very accurate moving into the position you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wensley View Post
    My curiosity focuses around what the "normal" airports are going to look like, meaning the ones that are not specially built. I did briefly see St Barthelemy which I am familiar with (in the Caribbean) and it surprised me by how well it replicated reality. Not perfect by any means, but better than I expected. Did you see any of the "normal" airports?
    Both Inverness and Luton are "normal" airports, the layout is correct but the buildings must be "stock" buildings as they are the correct size but bare little resemblance to the actual buildings. There still will be a lot of scope for add-ons (freeware and payware) that capture the distinctive architecture and textures of the real thing. Living in Scotland I know Inverness airport and have flown to and from Luton airport on many occasions.

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    I'm wondering how similar the keys will be to FSX and it will have any ability to use fsx planes? Also how long does it take to start up? Will the whole world basically look like what you get on bing maps? Just looked at bing maps. If the whole world looks like bing maps, that will be a dream come true!
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    One of the most important features of the flight simulator series was the immense infrastructure of payware and freeware airplane and scenery developers who distributed tens of thousands of projects, mostly as labors of love. Do you have any information on a software development kit, or similarities/differences with the mechanics of prior versions?

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    Most, not all of the key mappings are different. Camera views are a bit of a strange one at the moment as there is no equivalent to Spot view with hotas panning. It is more about muscle memory. Trying to hit F2 for reverse thrust etc. There are capabilities to re-map the controls and keys though so you should get to a comfortable position.

    The reviewers appear to have a slightly later build than the Alpha/Beta testers but the future is bright with this new flight sim avenue. I find it HIGHLY unlikely any old FSX aircraft could be brought in, I am assuming the creators are all busily working on their collections to get them up to the new standards.

    Visually, it is STUNNING. Remember this is an MS V1.0 product, it will NOT be perfect but it's a darn sight more ready than some of their other efforts at V1.0! ;-)

    For those on limited broadband speeds, you can cache the data for the areas you fly in but obviously it needs to download it first, likewise if you are on a capped service...

    There are still a few gremlins in the Beta build with some of the avionics on some aircraft but these are being worked through by Asobo.

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    Yes there will be a SDK. No we cannot say about what it is like compared to prior versions.

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