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Thread: Video on weak PC

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    Eeverything depends on everything
    you cannot go for a lot of ram if you dont have the latest motherboard, and so on...ssd, monitor frequency, resolution, proc etc

    he ask what would be the main priority to look at (of course tending to have a better quality sim, if not stay with fsx)

    so my two cents is VRAM...RTX card but GTX will do also
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    Thank you Plainsman for your link.
    Kapitan, I wasn't asking what would be the main priority in terms of performance affect. I was curious to see what the whole combined low spec definition from Microsoft looked like. However, as others have indicated, it's a self selecting sample at the moment with the only flyers generally being those with nuclear powered gaming rigs.
    And I can't stay with FSX because I'm one of those Windows 10 users who can't make it function. So for me at the moment, even FS2020 on its lowest settings with a poor frame rate is likely to be an improvement.
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    I suspect you will be able to run at medium setting, which looked much better on the test video (I lost that link, sorry), than FSX. The low setting looked a lot like FSX or FS9 at higher settings, so if you stay at 1080p or 720 you probably will be happy. The test suggested the real need for massive processing power, came at 1440 and 4K resolutions, huge drops in frame rates to run at those resolutions with the weaker cards and processors tested. All the videos using less powerful systems were using early alpha versions, and several mentioned that the developer expected to get significant improvememnt with optimization that was still on going. By the time it is released, it may be more efficient for weaker systems? The tests did note a significant advantage to Intel processors at the point of the test, but mentioned that AMD optimization was not as far along but could improve by release.
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    I have actually found a video now that does some comparison with different settings on lower end specs.
    I love the smell of napalm on my cornflakes.

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    Yes, that is the one I was referencing. Thank you!

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    How about getting the xbox game pass for pc (beta) and see how it works? Also ther's a special offer for $1 or £1 for a month. That's what I'm going to do
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