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Thread: FS2020 or Xplane 11?

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    Default FS2020 or Xplane 11?

    Just want to get everyone's opinion on whether to go for MS2020 or Xplane 11.

    Many thanks.

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    You missed a third option to choose -- go to whichever one suits YOU. MY opinion of what YOU should do is irrelevant. And perhaps you missed another possible choice, which is my current outlook: Stick with P3D V2 which I have now, since it may be a long time before I upgrade my FS computer to Windows 10, and I won't do X-Plane.

    So neither choice works for me.

    Larry N.

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    There's also a 4th option where one could go with both. Get X-Plane now, and pick up MSFS2020 after it comes out.

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    From what I have seen if you do a lot of VFR flying, MSFS 2020 will be the bench mark because of the scenery details and the weather engine. Time will tell if the aircraft flight dynamics of 2020 will be as good as X-Plane.
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    You really can't vote in a poll about a game that hasn't been released yet to try out. Where is X-Plane exists now. For me personally, I'll await the guinea pigs to report in on what they say about "FS2020" and base my purchasing power on that. As far as X-Plane, it sounds like the 737 ZIBO mod is pretty accurate and I may want to learn that aircraft after being used to PMDG's variant.

    I'm very, very reluctant to use Windows 10 as my primarily OS of choice as are others. I have been giving it a go in VMware Workstation Player and watching the NIC with all the telemetry and testing a program like Shutup 10 that operates at a more in depth firewall level to kill all that crap going in and out of your computer. So far the program I'm testing looks promising, but it seems to me that Windows 10 is a little flaky or something. It could just be the VM. I need to install 10 to a hard drive anyway to use a program that's 10 only so that will be a more real testing ground absent of a virtual machine.

    The other thing I may do is nerd the [email protected]# out of this with a nettop running Pfsense that blocks all of the ASNs I have a list for that go in and out of Windows 10. Only issue here is that it includes Azure and "FS2020" will undoubtedly use Azure. So either I find out what IPs, CIDRs or the whole damn ASN/s the game uses so I can white list it, or fire up the VPN to punch through my Pfsense hardware based firewall and depend on my Shutup10 like program for telemetry blocking crap. Gone are the days it seems where the acronym really meant Personal Computer. And since I deploy FDE on every computer I own it's really a massive deal breaker to use 10 right now even though I'll have to use it in at least 7 to 10 years least I get left behind in the silicon dust in terms of hardware and software requirements. As it already stands, many 300 series motherboards have only Win 10 drivers. Not all, but a good majority of them. One day that'll change when maybe a 400 or 500 series chipset comes out I'm sure. It'll definitely be 10 only drivers and that's it.

    Anyway, the poll can't really be accurate unless you are just looking for people that will buy the thing sight unseen, etc. I guess that's true for a lot of shoot 'em up games and the younger generation. "Oh! Call Of Duty Black Ops 10 is coming out this Christmas! I'm totally buying it! In fact, I pre-ordered it." That kind of mentality is kinda dumb because you don't know how the game will be, if it runs alright or even on your hardware. Like in my case. I blew, yes, blew 60 bucks on the new COD Modern Warfare only to find out that at least once every two weeks is a patch that's at least 35/50 GB massive to download and the code sucks with my specific CPU and other CPUs and everyone that owns these CPUs have complained yet no fix with each and every single massive "update." The issues I and others have with these CPUs is frequent lag and it's not network related it's CPU related. The code just sucks for these CPUs. Now they have COD Warzone which is in fact free to play. Had I known that I would have never bought this game based on the CPU crap I and many others are dealing with. Then they offer all kinds of perk crap with "CP" where you can buy your XP and what not. I'm like, if you can't rank up the normal way then why bother? But, the youngins buy this crap. And the real kick in the balls is that if your XP reaches I think over 55, it'll get reset every now and then back down to 55. Not so it seems to those that bought their XP. That just happened to me with the last update. I don't play the game often, but I did have 93 in XP and now I'm back down to 65. Yet I see lots of other little corporate cash cows have 100 or better XP so they bought theirs. No, I like FS a lot better, and in fact my good ol' BF2 with the AIX mod. BF2 can still be played with the BF2Hub client.

    PS. I have GTA V and I beat it. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be, though Trevor is a funny dude and it has its moments. This game as well has massive updates, and I'm sure "FS2020" will be the same. Then there's ARC. No, punching trees for wood, riding dinos and other crap just doesn't impress me any. I guess I'm just a 39 year old old school gamer. LOL I turn 40 in October for God sakes. But there is a Tom Clancy game I may be interested in. I can't remember the title, but the Tom Clancy games are pretty decent. I did like Ghost Recon back in the day. After playing that game you'll be looking around your neighborhood for roof top snipers. LOL

    PPS. I think I filled the MySQL database here for now. HAHAHA I just felt like writing a damn story I guess.
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    I just bought X Plane 11 due to increasing difficulty running FSX/FSX SE on modern PC, especially with a 4K monitor hooked up. Although initially out the box it impresses, it didn't take long to discover there are many warts and wrinkles under the hood. Whether it's not being able to tone down the P factor taking off in a hedge trimmer or the autopilot failing to load in its previous state when resuming a flight (plus if you start cold and dark the engines are off in mid flight), I find myself longing for the MSFS experience and beginning to think I wasted £31 on XP11. I certainly wouldn't rate XP11 as being worth the full asking price.

    I got as far as downloading the Zibo, but briefly looking through the instructions might need a Phd in something to set up, let alone fly.

    Generally there seems less community support for XP, the forums here are very quiet and while I created myself an account at XP dot org you have to tread very carefully over there and not be too critical (I got flamed for asking why the Zibo was only available on Google drive and not also hosted here and/or at Avsim).

    So I think, subject to not costing an arm and a leg and while probably not a Day 1 purchase, once FS2020 comes out, that will be getting pride of place and XP11 will be pensioned off to Stansted or even uninstalled.

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    Duplicate post.

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    I already have Xplane 11, P3D & even FlyInsides own VR sim (& I have bought many others over the last 30 years)
    However, my sim of choice will be the new MSFS. It’s a game changer. Get XP11 while you wait (I wouldn’t bother with P3d) but definitely get MSFS when it’s released.

    - Steve

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    fs 2020 is a new way of simulation close than ever to reality, so it is worth to wait for it.
    i am sure they will add vr.

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    A few thoughts from my perspective. Some things I really like about X-plane 11. The landscape is much more realistic than FSX and from the screenshots i have seen P3D v3 or 4. Airports out of the box, look a lot more like the airports I have seen than FSX. OK, what will FS2020 look like, it may be even better or it may model generic farmland like FSX. I have not seen any screenshots out in the world I fly from FS2020 so i don't have any real opinion, but X-plane is a big improvement over FSX in that regard.
    My BIG complaint with X-plane 11 is the lack of real options for quality aircraft, in freeware. Many freeware models are visually amateurish and many just don't fly the way I expect. The autopilot in X-plane is very different than in FSX, An example, the free Airbus A350 when set to a flight level of 36,000 feet, will just keep climbing on out past 40,000 ft. Even negative vs settings don't stop the climb. This morning, a small AI aircraft was sitting nose down in the traffic way of Menorca Airport, blocking traffic. There are just too many unexpected malfunctions and oddities in X-plane. I hope FS2020 will get that kind of thing solved before release.
    Now what I expect to be a problem with FS2020. Software in general has become more intrusive and sends out more information than I prefer. Will FS2020 be a vehicle to collect more data? Will it be a short subscription service, requiring monthly "investment". Will the community be able to support FS2020 like FS9 & FSX, with a massive variety of quality free models and gorgeous payware aircraft? Will the flight model be configurable and adaptable? We don't know any of that yet, just that big cities look fantastic.
    One more thing with X-plane 11, it does need computer power to exploit it. My frame rates are quite good in the places I fly, but the fan speeds are greater than FSX or other software I run. If I didn't have a modern computer, I don't think it would run well.
    Caveat, I am old enough to remember chastising a then prominent participant on this forum who was complaining about going to FS2000 and the learning curve required. I admonished him to be patient, that the improvement more than justified the reaclimation. I suspect FS2020 will be a similar step forward.
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