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Thread: Thrustmaster Civilian Aviation (TCA)

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    Default Thrustmaster Civilian Aviation (TCA)

    Thrustmaster Civilian Aviation (TCA)

    Thrustmaster is announcing a new family of products the "Thrustmaster Civilian Aviation (TCA)" starting with an Airbus Edition Sidestick which looks derived from the T.1600M hall effect joystick. Also in the pipeline is an Airbus style throttle quadrant and addon controls for flaps, parking-brakes, and spoilers.

    First saw a mention/link on FaceBook, I am surprised that I have not heard more buzz about it.

    Thrustmaster Announces TCA Flight Sim Product Range Airbus Edition

    P.S. In the Airbus style throttle quadrant I see an endorsement of FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control and SLC Single Lever Control vs fiddling with fuel-air-mixture and propeller-pitch. According to Google "In the U.S. market, the last cars using carburetors were: 1990 (general public)", 1990 - Young student pilots were born after the last carbureted car was sold.

    P.P.S. While some people will see "Airbus vs Boeing". I notice that Thrustmaster belongs to Guillemot Corp headquartered in Carentoir, France 684 km from Airbus "main-office" in Blagnac, France. I also notice that for Thrustmasters car-racing products they have a licensing agreement with Ferrari 1400 km away in Maranello, Italy. All three companies are EU companies.

    I want a complete set as soon as they all four become available

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    Froogle did a first impressiin video of the sidestick. Looks quite impressive.

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    The stick looks nice.
    It basically is a T16000 with a different handle.

    I wonder what the throttle will feature.
    Will they just be simple analog axes? Or will they feature detents like in Airbusses?

    It appears to be limited to just two axes.
    This is fine for twin engine jets but for (turbo)props you need more.

    The Honeycomb Bravo offers much more.
    (and probably costs more)

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    I just got both the TCA Airbus stick and throttle quadrant. The quality seems Ok and the stick works great with FSX SE and has a nice hefty Airbus quality feel to it. The programing of the TCA throttle quadrant is a mess though and it could have been better made. It has a light, hollow feeling and is easily moved if you aren't careful not unlike the TCA stick. They also idioticaly programed buttons into each notch level of the throttle levers so null, one, two and three all read as buttons instead of X & Y throttle axis by default.

    Also its next to impossible to get reverse thrust function to work even though it should have been a standard out of the box feature already programed into the thing. The dead zone of the throttle is about 20% of the throttle so its always stuck at above 20% even though I'll have the levers all the way back even passed the reverse thrust notches. I wound up programing of the red side buttons on the levers as throttle reverse because it was so annoying. Most of these issues are probably just bad programing on both Thrustmasters FSX SEs part. They never ironed out the issues that causes these problems I suppose.

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