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Thread: converting a rare aircraft

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    Default converting a rare aircraft

    I can't convert the texture of that aircraft.

    I'm using DXTBmp but I'm not getting it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What do you want to convert it to?

    Also, the aircraft download and texture download names might be useful...

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    I can't change the color of small parts. if I touch the engine, the wing changes color too.

    I couldn't put the side strips. stay out of position.

    it took a lot of work to find the position of the tail symbol.

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    Default More than one part using the same texture file

    Hi galaxi76,
    The model you are referring to the Embraer CBA-123 for FS2002 is a nice model, but the problem you've encountered is due the lack of foresight by the author in regard to future repaints — there are more than two parts using the same texture. So in this case, the wings "borrow" their texture from the exact same area of texture meant for the engines. There is no easy fix for this — one would have to convert the model (losing the animations) to say, a gMax file and re-map the textures, and redo the animations — not a trivial thing to do. Alternatively, you could choose a repaint schemes where the engines are the same color as the wings.

    By the way, the excellent ModelConverterX is a great tool to view models and to easily work out what parts are using what textures. It also shows you if there are missing texture files for the model. The screenshot below show the parts of the model that are used by a particular texture file.

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    I use FsRepaint for all my paints, it is fairly easy to use, I have had similar things like you mention and I normally use the 'Line' drawing tool and go round the part I want to alter and then fill it in with the desired colour.
    I've seen where some parts touch other parts and if you change that first part all the other parts change too, that is where I use the line drawing to go round just that part I want.

    Then if I want to add any text or logo on that part it is then easier.

    Also remember to first make a backup copy, there are time though when it just can't be done, frustrating I know but then you have to just suck it and leave it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post
    I use FsRepaint for all my paints...
    Col, I think we are talking about a different issue here. The problem is not in the texture sheet, or not being able to repaint it, the problem is that the model itself cannot be changed in relation to what parts of the texture sheet it is accessing. The FsRepaint program you mention is certainly a useful tool in doing repaints of existing textures, but it cannot, as far as I can see, change the model itself ie. the MDL file. It is the model itself which has mapped onto it the parts of the texture sheet. There is a possibility (with some hex editing) to change the reflectivity of textures, but you cannot actually easily change the mapping of the parts.

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    Think I understand the problem, I had that on one aircraft where if I changed one part another also changed, like already said there must be 2 parts using the same texture, I struggled with it.

    Trying to think what I did to rectify it.
    I think I renamed one of the textures, then changed the one I wanted to alter, but I'll see if I can find it again and it might come back to me what I did.

    I found the aircraft I had trouble with, this was what I did but it wasn't perfect:

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