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Thread: Who is still using and working on Golden Wings?

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    Default Who is still using and working on Golden Wings?

    As there isn't any site dedicated to Golden Wings and vintage era, I here try to get in touch with some people still using Golden Wings and working on it. On other sites the interest seems to be extremely little. I would like to share some experience and further extentions of the vintage world. Would be glad to get some feedback. Thanks anyway.


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    Me.. Hi Bernard,
    I'm a Golden Winger, with period aircraft, vehicles & zeppelins. I also hae a Vintage install, using Golden Wings scenery, but only with vintage aircraft.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.
    BTW, you know about the Russian Golden Wings site?

    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Thanks Robin. I know that you still are one of the very few GW aficionados. You already said that on other sites.

    One of the main problem with GWE is the fact, that default GW traffic and some others use default airports. Let f.i.flying a DC-3 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok is an absolute nonsens. Also I don't want to have all the modern airports in my GW world. Therefore I deleted all AB9xxxxx.bgl and AP9xxxxx.bgl files as well as the object files (OB9xxxxx.bgl).Regrettably I now miss all famous buildings like the Empire State, Buckingham Palace or Eiffel tower.That's the price.

    So finally I'm struggling with recreate basic airfields to allow the get the other GW traffic mostly included in scenery packages to run in a vintage environment.

    Needless to say that creating historic flights like those done by Alan Cobham, Chichester or Douglas World Cruiser will be a tremendous work. But at least it's fascinating to search, know and understand how the world was in the Thirties.


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    Hi Bernard, what I did as well, was to combine GW with Garry Smith's Ford Tri-Motor Project scenery.
    Garry did say that simming is all about Fun, Facts & Fiction. & his scenery goes great with the era.
    Maybe it's not 'true' scenery, but for me, still a great deal of fun.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    have u visited this site? . . . .

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    Yep, I'm still a great user of GW3, just love the era and flying low and slow in a vintage plane with two wings and lots of strings. I'm always looking for anything new to use in the install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfgarland View Post
    have u visited this site? . . . .
    Thanks for your advice. I know this site and installed several sceneries and aircraft.


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    Hi Bernard,

    I have a separate Golden Wings install, and use it extensively
    to re-create the very challenging early years of commercial
    air travel in the US and I love it, and it is pretty much my go
    to sim at the moment, I spend more time on it than FSX!!,
    that for sure.

    I use the fantastic DC2, Boeing 247 and 247D, and a DC3
    that has been adjusted specifically for this early type of
    flying, plus any other correct period aircraft, and also the
    excellent "Radio Range" navigation system to make it really
    authentic. To make it really interesting, I have installed some
    good terrain mesh for the USA and the fantastic "Ice Gauge"
    by Charles Owen that actually makes your windscreen freeze
    over during icing conditions, now that is cool!, literally.

    Radio Range DC3 here, 5th from bottom:

    Radio Range here:

    Ice Gauge is here 2nd from bottom:

    I found a website that has investigations into Air Accidents in
    the USA between 1934 and 1965, and although they make for
    very sober reading, they include a lot of of information, such
    as flight plan, route, time and date, weather, nav aids, fuel
    and a lot of other info that enables me to re-create quite accurately
    many of these early flights, and yes I can confirm it can go wrong,
    as most of these cross country flights were at night, and with
    some decent terrain mesh can be reproduced pretty accurately.

    I have completed coast to coast flights, as well as some of
    the shorter scheduled flights and using the Radio Range system,
    it really makes me appreciate how hard this type of flying was,
    but it is great to "get on the beam", find your destination and
    pull off a landing.

    The reports also bring home how dangerous and unforgiving
    these early commercial flights were, but as with all accident
    investigation reports, the information gained from these long
    and painstaking investigations, have gradually made air travel
    what it is today. The link is below.

    You will have to navigate back to the home page, make an
    account and log in, but it is fine, I've never had a problem.

    Enjoy proper flying,



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    I also have a collection of suitable boats & cars, so I create my own adventures as well.
    Have a look for Bugatti Adventures at

    This is Lionheart's former payware package with 10 aircraft, 3 scenery installations, AI traffic, and 26 missions that bring you into the life of a air racer pilot back in the 1940's. It is centered around the wild and fantastic Bugatti air racer, a wild bullet shaped, 'rocket' like plane with twin dual opposed propellors and fitted with two 'Formula One' Grand Prix racing engines, each specially case in Magnesium for extremely light weight. They were dual overhead cam, straight eight engines, each fitted with a Super Charger, sporting phenominal torque that was fed into a large gear box in the nose of the plane which then poured the power into the dual opposed props at the nose cone.

    Very worthy indeed to add into Golden Wings.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Thanks Robin. Some months ago I posted a thread in CalClassic forum about this package. Then it was winter


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