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Thread: From Flight Sim to Real Pilot

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    Default From Flight Sim to Real Pilot

    Yes, MSFS 5.1 is where it started and this is the first Flight Simulation forum that I joined.

    My executive summary bio from my YouTube Channel (The Flight Level) that I started a few months back:

    As a private pilot, I enjoy just about everything related to modern and historical aviation. I fly a VANS RV9A airplane that is hangared at the Brantford Flight Center (CYFD) - home to one of the oldest flying clubs in Canada.
    Flight simulation has been a part of my life since the early days of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) when version 5.1 was released in June of 1995. I have produced freeware and payware aircraft for MSFS as a 3D modeller and painter.
    With an interest in video and photography, I enjoy creating high quality (4K) videos that centre on the adventures of my flights in the real world and in the flight simulator. I love to share instructional content in new creative and ways. I look forward to publishing in depth reviews of newly released aircraft for the X-Plane flight simulator as well as the highly anticipated MSFS 2020.
    Please subscribe to view videos of my adventures in real world aviation and discovery in the art of flight simulation.
    My latest real world video (Let’s Fly Over Niagara Falls - “How To”) here:

    Tomorrow (June 10, 2020) my VANS RV9A aircraft goes into the shop for a panel upgrade (Garmin G3X Touch). Pretty stoked as this has been a long time in the making! I’ll keep you posted to those interested.

    Cheers and blue skies from The Flight Level!
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    My latest video at The Flight Level - Flight Simulator Meets Google Earth View - 4K Incredible Colored Landscapes - Collection No. 1

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