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Thread: Behavioral Programming in the ATC functionality- ?

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    Default Behavioral Programming in the ATC functionality- ?

    Is it just me? Or does ATC have some 'tude from time to time?

    I believe I am ready to recommend a feature for consideration in a future release. Something like "Modes" for a flight session where ATC and surrounding programming behaves according a mode setting. One mode might be "Real World," another might be "instruction mode," which should have lots of 'tude and a good rules engine.
    And finally, the one I am most interested in - "Off"
    What is motivating this is probably integrated into more of FSX than just the ATC, but I believe ATC has a rules engine of some sort that I find unproductive.

    If a serious pilot or prospective pilot is operating the simulations, they would likely always use either Instruction Mode, or Real World Mode. I would use those myself, depending on what I was doing.
    However, if I am doing something specific and don't want to be bothered by ATC or other functionality interested in enforcing behavior - then I would like to turn it off.

    My lesson manual says you can ignore ATC if you like, you don't have to call the towers or anything, the program still works. But, as it turns out = that ain't so. If I do not call the tower, quite often a plane will pull in to position and begin taking off just in time for me to land on top of them. Yeah, ok, it is teaching me. I got that. Please do that in Instruction Mode, but not in Off mode.

    Another example, an airport with several great runways, but they clear me for the "no feathers dead concrete" off to the Left, and will not relent when I ask for another runway.

    "Hey Alexa, STFU." I know I was not cleared to take off - and you are going to make me reset the flight because you are stuck in a loop yelling at me ? I don't think so. Lets have "modes."

    I can tell a lot of good work has gone into making this Simulator as real as possible, and I really appreciate that. Good job ! But sometimes,

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    If you don't want to hear atc, don't tune their frequency.

    Planes are not allowed to land without clearance. Just as in real life. AI planes ask and get clearance and move around and take off and land. If you want a clear runway to land on, or a clear parking spot, ask for clearance and follow instructions.

    There will not be a new version of fsx. Ever.

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    An additional option is to disable AI traffic, which would give you no competition for runways.

    As to the way it's programmed, it is intended as a simulation of real life, though it can certainly be used in many ways that are no representative of real life (like flying through the grand canyon or in between buildings in the city), but they didn't intend it as a game (from a programming standpoint), as such, though many think of it and use it that way. And they did add game-like functions such as missions.

    So don't think of that airplane on the runway as strictly an ATC function -- it's an AI function that happens to generally be controlled by ATC when at a towered airport, much as real world traffic is. It's a sim.

    BTW, unless you have collision turned on, you can completely ignore that airplane that pulls out in front of you, and land as you wish.

    So, to recap, turn off AI traffic or turn off collisions or don't tune ATC freqs, or all of the above.

    Larry N.

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