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Thread: FSX Stopped Working - Looking for Help

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    Default FSX Stopped Working - Looking for Help

    FSX SP2, Dell G7 laptop, windows 10, FSUIPC 4.8. Two additional screens beside the laptop main screen.

    OK, its worked great for years. Just the other day McAfee asked to clean my disk, I foolishly said OK. It finished and all seemed fine.

    A few hours later I started FSX. Everything worked, except when I hit Fly Now. The laptop main screen locks and shows a spinning wheel; but the screen looks like my normal desktop, but I can't do anything but use Task Manager to kill FSX. It exits and all is normal again.

    FSX is seems to be opening a error dialog, but it doesn't show up on the screen. The windows task bar and task manager show it with no title or description.

    McAfee tech support was no help. No history on what it actually removed.

    Anyway, I completely uninstalled thru Win10, then manually deleted all files and directories. Reinstalled - got the same issue.

    I tried to event view but didn't see any messages.

    Any ideas on what part of the flight start FSX is getting stuck on?

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    One of the first things I would look at would be the Event Viewer. There's probably something there in the Applications log that would indicate a problem.

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    Hi ,

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems.
    A long shot but my first thought would be to creat a new default flight or load one of your saved flights and make that the default.

    If that doesn't work then try a different fsx. cfg if you have one or move your existing fsx.cfg to somewhere safe to force fsx to create a new one.

    Best of luck

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    I have been using FSX for years. For whatever reason the pilot logbook (logbook.bin) file gets corrupted every now and then and will lock up FSX. Delete it and relaunch. If that was the cause then you should have no more problems. Sorry about your luck of losing your logbook but I gave up on that thing a long time ago. After flying MSFS since the late 80s I have accumulated thousands of hours but have no proof. Oh well...
    Good luck.

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    Tried the event viewer - nothing. I think FSX is waiting on something so its not declaring an error.
    Tried a number of different flights, airports, etc. Same issues. I even reinstalled FSX.
    I tried the delete the logbook too, I read it someplace, probably here.

    But thanks for trying.

    If I could figure out what FSX is waiting on. Something is missing or got broken in Windows.

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    Have you tried turning McAfee off?

    Turn off your wifi hub before trying this.

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    Maybe FSX.cfg is corrupted, delete or rename it and launch fsx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howlak View Post
    Maybe FSX.cfg is corrupted, delete or rename it and launch fsx.
    The OP has reinstalled FSX.

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    Yes, reinstalled. I tried turning McAfee off, then I even unistalled it and switch to another brand package. I'm going to try to uninstall and reinstall again.

    Everyones help is appreciated, tho. Anybody got any ideas on how to determine what FSX is waiting for?

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    When you reinstalled fsx did it delete your saved flights? When i said try different flights it is important to change the DEFAULT flight then reboot. If a saved default flight becomes corrupted in some way it affects the sim even if you load a different flight at the free flight screen.

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