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Thread: Microsoft.NET Framework unhandled exception error.

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    Default Microsoft.NET Framework unhandled exception error.

    Value was either too large or too small for an Int 16. FSX pauses, after several "Continues" will return to normal.
    Basics: FSX-A on Win7 32bit. I replaced HDD about two years ago and 95% time FSX works fine. But particularily after the XF-103 , Milton's X-3 and the latest UFO update when performance goes off the charts, the FSX pauses with this error. I thought I had the necessary Framework versions.. now I'm not sure what I'm missing. I've been unable to find anything relating to FSX and Framework errors on google although there are some Framework errors dealing with scenery modules for FSX. I basically have a virgin scenery install. The problem manifests itself when I put the advanced designed aircraft into exceptional flight profiles like high ROC, exceptional acceleration, etc. Does anyone have any insight into how this can be corrected. It's very distracting to be rocketing skyward and then FSX pauses and I have to deal with this. I'll try to post the full error.

    Name:  Framework_Error_Capture.PNG
Views: 133
Size:  16.5 KB Thank you in advance of any ideas.. I know there's a wealth of info in FSX land. Terry
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    Try google theres plenty about this on there - found 6 links myself. Also have you searched on here?

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    Yes, I looked at those and they dealt with SQL listings and not FSX. There are a lot here @ flightsim, but they seem to deal with scenery and some addons, not just plain exceptional performance issues. I'm not running any addons except LRM (landing rate monitor) .

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    Well, what does it say under details? That will help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    Well, what does it say under details? That will help.
    Run SFC /Scannow. Should fix any latent errors. Read up if this is unfamiliar.

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    What version of UIAutomation.dll are you using?

    You looked here?
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    I would like to know how much ram you have, is your PC a laptop, is your HDrive 5400 or 7200 rpm, and WHAT do you do to change views (Locked Spot to 2D panel) - menu or keypresses?
    Chuck B
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    Quote Originally Posted by simtech95209 View Post
    I've been unable to find anything relating to FSX and Framework errors on google although there are some Framework errors dealing with scenery modules for FSX.
    Stock FSX doesn't use .NET Framework. Must be an addon.


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    Ok, gentlemen.. the plot thickens. First and foremost, thank you to all who responded and I'll address each comment. In my research I found I had .Net Framework 4.8 installed. The original FSX-A used 2.0 in the XP and Vista era and when Win7 rolled out, the .Net package was updated to 3.0 with the supposedly included 2.0 version that was a patched version. I tried installing the original 3.5 and I could download, but it would not install.... sat there did nothing...Further reading revealed that Win7 already had that version incorporated. Hence dead in water. In preparation for the .Net 3.5 install, I performed a clean boot and when the package did not install, I abandoned that task and started FSX.

    Lo and Behold, the XF-103 went all the way to 83K feet in a flash and 3.1 Mach. It went so fast as to have had a compressor stall and the engine rolled back to off. That's where I am now.

    CRJ: The details relate as best I remember to the JIT debugging issue, but I don't remember the application. Hence I tried to get the error to pop up and fail... still trying...Good post, I'll definitely get that info when it fails again.

    Mallcott: Yes, I'm very familiar with SFC/ scannow....thank you..I hadn't thought to run that but did so following your suggestion, however no errors were uncovered.

    Pomack 249: the UIAutomation.dll version is 6.0.6001.18000. Thank you specifically for that link that was like jumping into the rabbit hole of FSX and Framework issues.

    Chuck: I use almost exclusively key presses to change views. My poor ten year old laptop has two sticks of 4GB. However the OS only sees 2.96 for applications after the OS overhead. The drive I'm using is Samsung 750 evo. I know I'm due for a new one and hopefully that will happen shortly.This old Dell has been a real work horse.

    f16jockey_2: According to this the original FSX required .Net 2.0 to be run in XP.

    To summarize where I am: It works at the moment, but I tend to agree with CRJ_Simpilot and F16jockey2 I believe another program is causing it to crash. I frequently leave the sim and laptop running for days allowing it to go to "Sleep" and then returning to FSX to continue/ There's no telling what open apps are still playing havoc in the background. I'll keep looking and if I have more info, I'll update this thread....

    Many, many thanks to all who offered their suggestions. In the interest of someone else facing the same issue later, If I find the culprit, I'll post it here.........Best to all and be safe.....Terry
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    Quote Originally Posted by simtech95209 View Post
    At the end of the thread, it’s revealed that the initial error was caused by REX Weather Engine, so I seriously question the speculations and semi-thruths stated at the beginning of that thread.

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