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Thread: Getting reacquainted with an old Classic!

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    Thanks so much Rick!!

    I'll get there and look see very soon!


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    Well, happy to report, the wheel landings are getting better in this "Big Boy!"

    Final approach to RWY 33 Charleston, SC
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice finish with a successful wheel landing. Definitely put a smile on my face!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice landing!! Not a true nose up three wheel touchdown, but better than I could ever do!!

    Next question is how well can you taxi that beast?

    There is a "Fly in" subdivision very near where I live. Most everyone who lives there either flies huge aircraft for DHL or UPS. Since they can't actually "fly" those 747's etc., they choose to commute to from SDF and CVG with GA aircraft where they can actually still fly and control their aircraft!

    The lay out of the subdivision is an airstrip which is almost as soon as the public highway enters the property. But that airstrip has no hangers. It is assumed that everyone who lives there will have their own hanger at home. So they can taxi home, park their plane, and go in for dinner.

    So the only road there is much wider than normal and everyone in a land based vehicle is assumed to give "right of way" or even back up into someone's driveway or taxiway" so the pilot can go to from his/her home without any issues.

    There is a very senior UPS 747 flight instructor who lives there, over three blocks from the airstrip. His "commuter vehicle," weather allowing is a RW restored and perfect T-28. Every time he leaves or returns in even marginal weather or light, there is a bet about how many mail boxes he'll take out. But guess what!! RW It's worth it and no one complains!!!!!

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