Hi everyone,

I put a lot of efforts in creating an in-depth analysis based on P3D and all currently available data and information on flight PK8303, which sadly crashed in Karachi, Pakistan last week. Based on the ADS-B transponder data, it is possible to simulate the flight path pretty accurately. The ATC transmissions and eyewitness accounts give further insides on what might have happened to PK8303.

Disclaimer: The video contains assumptions (highlighted in the video), since not yet all relevant information that would be required for a real investigation is available (e.g. FDR and CVR data). I tried to be as neutral as possible and stick to the currently available data, rather than pre-judging before the release of the official investigation results. However, I want to emphasize, that ultimately only the official investigation report will answer show what happened. Until then everything else will be more or less complete speculations.

Hope that, despite the sad topic, the video sheds some light on what might have happened to PK8303 and is anyways informative and entertaining.

Really interested in your opinion and potential suggestions for improvement.

Cheers, Captain Mayday