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    I currently running a Dell inspiron laptop with the following : NVidia GeForce gt630m, 8ram, I-7-3632 220GH processor. All flight sims to date run fine with what I have.I would appreciate if one of you could tell me if this would work with the upcoming MS FS 2020.

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    As we only have the specs from Asobo to go on, we don’t know exactly how the sim will run relative to the specs Asobo has released. Your system appears to be below the minimum specs they have provided, so it may run, but will probably need to have settings set at the low end. We will get a better idea after it has been released later this year.

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    Regarding specs:
    I know this is a new program, sharing a name but not much code with the old MS Flight Sim, but I'm looking for similarities between it and the old one or P3D. Originally, FS was more likely to be CPU-bound than GPU-bound. I'm presuming that FS2020 will also be dependent on very powerful CPUs, but so far, I've been unable to find information on whether single-core speed or multi-threading performance is more important -- i.e., Intel or Ryzen? Which has been preferred recently for X-Plane and P3D?

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