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Thread: specific aircraft questions - where ?

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    Default specific aircraft questions - where ?

    Which sub-forum here ( , or alternatively, which other forum would you suggest to ask questions about specific aircraft?
    I'm not designing airplanes nor looking to discuss down deep software nuances --- I'm seeking simple tips on trim and speeds for take-off and landing. That sort of thing is *sometimes in the included docs, but not always. It is also *sometimes in a flight manual, but not always.
    I just want to talk with people who fly certain planes.
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.


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    You can ask in the Outer Marker, or if you're talking real life there is a section below for that -- otherwise perhaps in the forum section that covers the sim you are using. OR, you can even ask your question right here. You might also specify if you're looking at airliners, bizjets, light aircraft or...

    You can also find some of the discussion of some of the principles in the section below on Real Aviation Tutorials & FAQs, where quite a bit of stuff is covered.

    Larry N.

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    You will definitely receive better help if you state what Sim you are using and then post in the forum dedicated to it!
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