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Thread: Hoping FS 2020 runway numbers can be dynamically changed in the future

  1. Default Hoping FS 2020 runway numbers can be dynamically changed in the future

    I noticed a thread in the FSX forum regarding a request to renumber a airport runway. This is of course because magnetic north has shifted. My hometown airport McCarran International, has also been affected (formally runway 25L/25R, is now 26L/26R etc.) Various runways around the world are also affected.

    So hoping the developers of FS2020 will not burn numbers into runway textures and come up with a way to dynamically change the entire world when needed.
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    Aren't the RWY identifiers dealt with in AFCAD? Only 3rd party developers add the RWY number into the texture.
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    The new sim won't use AFCAD or any other .bgl file for scenery. The scenery is derived from Bing Earth satellite imagery, presumably the runway numbers will be updated as and when the satellite imagery is updated.
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    All of the airports are receiving some level of manual editing, so it isn't simply using satellite scenery. Combined with the regular updates talked about in the IFR Discovery Episode, updates may be more regular than satellite imagery updates.

    The airport Discovery Episode talks about the tool and process they are using for airports.

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