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Thread: An old problem, blank screen when 'Fly Now' is selected.

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    Default An old problem, blank screen when 'Fly Now' is selected.

    Last year my motherboard passed away. In replacing it I decided on a clean install of Windows 10 after more than ten happy years with Windows 7 of beloved memory!

    Recently I got round to re-installing FSX which is the Delux Edition. Everything seemed fine, all the included aircraft 'flew' properly but then I decided to install an addon, a Caravelle as it happens.

    The aircraft appeared as a grey ghost - no textures. I then remembered that some old files converted from FS9 didn't display properly if DX10 was selected in setup, so I unchecked it and the Caravelle displayed correctly.

    I left it at that but the next time I started FSX it seemed to crash when I chose 'Fly' from the initial Free Flight screen - the display went blank but some music I was downstreaming continued.

    I could not get the screen back by going into task manager and closing FSX, task manager didn't display. The only thing I can do is sign out and then sign in again to get Windows back.

    Is this a registry problem or something else? How do I get round it? I have read the 'Before Posting' message but I can't get my head round it.

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    You need to look in your 'event viewer' - just google how to do it

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    Thanks for that pomak249 but I did say I can't get my head round that - I'm a bit of an old wrinkly at 81, the reason I'm bothering is because my grandson is keen to use FSX on my PC. I could have tackled this some years ago but my brain cells are shutting down though I'm not drooling yet!
    Can any one help me out here, Googling is for people who still know what they're doing.

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    From one of my older posts at another site.....

    Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Event Viewer, select Custom Views-> Administrative Events.
    One of the listed events will be for your CTD. The "Faulting Module" should point to the problem area.
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    No flight Sim installed until I get a new computer.

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    OK Mr Zippy, I have posted this problem on Simviation. I did so here in the hope I'd get something understandable.

    "Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Event Viewer, select Custom Views-> Administrative Events.
    One of the listed events will be for your CTD. The "Faulting Module" should point to the problem area."
    Is your advice. I can get as far as 'Administrative Events' Where I see a whole lot of errors and warningd but none of them 'point' anywhere I understand. What's a CTD, and what's a faulting mobile - that sounds like the old cars I used to own when I was young!
    All I'd like to do is completely wipe FSX from my PC but that seems impossible, uninstalling it seems to leave a lot behind and doesn't cure the blank screen when reinstalled.
    I know it's a pain but I would appreciate advice an idiot like myself can follow.

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    E.E - Do the FSX and default aircraft show up properly? Is the Caravelle an FS9 port over aircraft?

    I would be curious if most other aircraft are showing? Maybe just the old FS9 aircraft might be the problem?


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    Did u get to the event viewer? If so was there an entry relating to FSX? If so open the entry.
    Its not a faulty mobile its a faulty module that will be highlighted - that will be causing your CTD (Crash To Desktop). It will likely be some form of .dll module if you can identify that then post here we maybe able to help.
    No need for an uninstall of FSX just yet!!

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    In Windows 10, you can just right-click on the Windows icon on the task bar and then select Event Viewer from the menu that pops up.


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    Have you tried deleting your fsx.cfg and then reopening the sim?

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    I guess you're using fullscreen mode in DX9. Sometimes it happened to me also, and the only way I could recover was by forcing shutdown of my laptop.

    If you want to keep using DX9, you'll need to go to windowed mode. Fullscreen+Windows 10 is so buggy that Lockheed Martin removed it from P3D. In your FSX.cfg, in the [Main] section, look for the line that says Maximized, and make sure the value is either 0 (windowed mode) or 2 (windowed mode, maximized). If it's 1 (full screen), change it to 2.

    If you miss having all the screen for your sim, you can get Borderless Gaming (freeware from the developer, or $5 at Steam if you wish to support the developer). Warning: you may get the same blank issue, but you won't lose control. All you have to do is to switch tasks from and back to FSX (Alt+Tab or 3-finger swipe in touchpads). There are other methods, but I haven't tried them.
    Best regards,
    Luis Hern√°ndez

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