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Thread: Nobody seems to have my problem! chinook-47 install

  1. Default Nobody seems to have my problem! chinook-47 install

    Been running FSX + Accel on this computer, Win 7, full resolution with ALL the scenery and problems, no glitches or hesitations. Just purchased the Chinook-47, downloaded fine, unzipped fine. 3 install attempts, 3 model icons show up in the "aircraft" selection folder... all 3 display an error: visual model can not be display ch-47. My 1st install was as per directions, 2nd I unzipped to another folder within the FSX directory in MS games, 3rd attempt I put the only "application" file in simobjects/airplanes...same message. (unzipped there are only 45 files and 3 of them are language options) AND when I select the chinook it is not visable, only a blue sky scene with no "revolving" airplane although the name “Boing 47-Chinook” shows in the Current Aircraft box. Last week I purchased (Flightsim Store) an EPIC business jet and OSPREY, installed and working fine. (althought the osprey won't stay in the air when the props go forward...another situation for another post). Any assistance would be appreciated. I try everything that I think an advisor/expert would ask me if I did, before I bang my head into the wall and say “just ask somebody”. Thank you. Sunnyday

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    First question should be.....are you absolutely sure you downloaded an FSX aircraft and NOT a P3D only one? The "can't display model" message is a good indicator of this.
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    And a second question would be...

    Who is the developer of the product - not many payware models of the Wokka out there but knowing who makes it could be the clue to answering/soritng the problem...


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