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    Have been a 2D panel user for many years. Recently discovered the merits of 3D & would like to know if the cockpit view can be set so that when the aircraft loads, the desired view is present. I realize saving the flight addresses the issue but would prefer that the view was presented with select a/c menu.



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    In FS9, the answer is almost: you can set in the aircraft.cfg your desired eyepoint, and then in the panel.cfg the desired view direction. Caution: this direction will be shared with the 2D panel. You'll have to decide which one you'd prefer. This tutorial will guide you better:

    However, you'll want to set a hotkey or button for going quickly to your desired zoom value. For my 16:9 laptop display, I use either 0.5625 or 0.75.
    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Thank you Luis

    I am off to calclassic to check it out.

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    If you are referring to the view out the window Luis has some good advice there.

    If you are instead referring to the view mode (i.e. 2D cockpit vs 3D VC), I don't know of a way to specify that for all cases using the Select Aircraft menu. FSX has a setting for that, but not FS2004.

    But if you are in the VC of your current aircraft, choosing another aircraft will put you directly into the VC.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Thanks Tom

    View in 3D mode is what I hope to achieve & am working on setting it up according to Louis's advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgibson_new View Post
    But if you are in the VC of your current aircraft, choosing another aircraft will put you directly into the VC.
    Crazy idea: if he loads his default flight, changes view to VC, and then saves this flight and marks it as the new default, will the OP get the VC as the first view after loading the flight? I can't try in FS9, I no longer have it installed.
    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Tried your last suggestion Luis which does take me to the desired VC zoom view in the a/c in question. From the select a/c function I loaded a few other a/c with varying results. Some loaded with the VC panel while others loaded with 2D panel. Bottom line - with your help I have what I set out to do.



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